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0000308205 00000 n 0000529850 00000 n 0000078109 00000 n [243], Team sports were allowed to resume in Phase 4 of the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan. 0000200412 00000 n 0000126609 00000 n 0000495897 00000 n

0000306224 00000 n [204] In June, the SHA announced plans to restore service at eight of these facilities, subject to status of the region and other factors.

Standards for Saskatchewan Museums If you would like to become familiar with Standards for Saskatchewan Museums, click here. 0000570497 00000 n 0000448514 00000 n 0000082763 00000 n 0000573183 00000 n [236][237] The 2020 Country Thunder Saskatchewan music festival in Craven was cancelled. It has been months since people in Saskatchewan have been able to visit some museums that shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. [92] On July 22, Saskatchewan surpassed its single-day record with 60 new cases. 0000505414 00000 n 0000344437 00000 n 0000134168 00000 n 0000031949 00000 n

[78][86] On July 7, the province announced its 15th and youngest death to-date, a man in their 20s from the North zone. 0000111302 00000 n casinos, bingo halls set to reopen Thursday", "Table games back at Casino Regina; Show Lounge still closed", "Coronavirus: Nurses' union urges premier to rethink 'reopening Saskatchewan, "Sask nurses' union head worries people will get 'too comfortable' amid plans to re-open the economy", "Sask. Go to "Association of Manitoba Museums Standards for Manitoba Museums" (PDF version, 277 KB).

[60] An outbreak was also declared in Beauval, Saskatchewan. 0000106862 00000 n 0000617546 00000 n 0000102536 00000 n 0000371410 00000 n

0000533412 00000 n 0000092603 00000 n Limit on participants in public outdoor gatherings raised from 10 to 30. 0000126725 00000 n 0000266182 00000 n Sj�l��ԻlF"M�d��B�=&�mR��,2o�-1xϧ#F2Y����!���f�l�zt�C�%gH�K���%o�P�|>'��ٜ��H���5fl�`�����|�^�Xh��G��W�q�$K��M�=��׬�O�i�7# K ����S�K��[8����eK#Y J�n��s^F�j�)/"c�����w6x9�*�7)6Zԥ�0Ͼܩ��%���4M�v�+ܣ� m59���������������m�2�_m3���l��(ͨ]�I��i��͆�e��3H�'�v�|Y�I��h���:ߐf����m7��@�=/��g����jAބLh/�/�i-�}�L�E΅����J��}��H�l�ߖbf��Qd�/ʟP̵׬,� -.�ɜg�[Sl^R��3�~��D�`YA�r�����Ԋ� ����_�oj_裱pk�l���a���¶څ�Q�]R�‰+M��?B\䣳v�%j��܊�-/8���g{��-r�\֥�*�0�8

0000115900 00000 n <>/XObject<>/ExtGState<>/Pattern<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 44 0 R 45 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Go to "U.S. National Parks Service Museum Handbook (Parts I-III)", CHIN Guide to Museum Standards (PDF, 544 KB). 0000581100 00000 n 0000485398 00000 n [96] That day, Saskatchewan announced its 18th death, 38 new cases, and 55 new recoveries. [190][191] As of July 27, Saskatchewan had lagged in testing per-capita in comparison to other provinces.

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[232], On March 22, the province stated that it would take steps to ensure that its emergency measures maintain precedence over municipal orders that include "contrary standards". 0000084703 00000 n [134][150] Opposition Leader Meili criticized the approach, arguing that the children of health care workers mixed with others could spread COVID-19 among families. 0000588146 00000 n

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[150], On May 7, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education stated that in-person classes would remain suspended through the end of the school year.

The Museums Association of Saskatchewan (MAS) offers a variety of programs and services that contribute to the advancement of Saskatchewan museums. [54] Officials stated that Saskatchewan has had the second-largest number of tests performed per-capita among all provinces.

0000312737 00000 n This document is currently out of print, but it may be available through a library or bookstore. [53], The SHA released updated modelling on April 28, estimating an effective reproduction number of 0.7 per-case, with the estimated total cases reduced to 254,756, and 3,050 deaths. [208][209][210] In October 2020, the SHA updated its guidance to allow some table games to resume, if cards or chips are not handled by players. 0000446759 00000 n 0000088577 00000 n 0000642868 00000 n 0000199063 00000 n

0000258316 00000 n [88][89][90], On July 15, the SHA warned of an "emergent situation in the southwest and central west areas of the province", including Swift Current and surrounding rural municipalities, with a heightened risk of public transmission. [106] This was surpassed on October 12 with 48 new cases, with the province citing that public and private gatherings had been a factor in these increases. 0000113308 00000 n

Le guide de gestion du Réseau Info-Muse – Deuxième édition, Go to "Association of Manitoba Museums Standards for Manitoba Museums" (, Go to "Collections Management Policy for the Nova Scotia Museum" (, Go to "Registration step by step: when an object enters the museum" (. 0000122950 00000 n 0000424430 00000 n 0000343566 00000 n 0000473253 00000 n

0000122523 00000 n 0000131250 00000 n 0000303627 00000 n “There’s a number of programs the federal government has provided [has] definitely been a big assist for the museum and helping the museum manage these very difficult financial times,” Wall said.

0000431478 00000 n Available in English only.

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0000167005 00000 n [139][140][141], Government recommendations also remain in force indefinitely, such as those regarding personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection protocols by businesses and public venues (especially on high-touched surfaces), use of protective equipment where applicable, remote work whenever possible, advisories against non-essential travel outside of Saskatchewan (including within Canada), and protective measures for vulnerable populations. 0000108030 00000 n 0000219842 00000 n

0000457677 00000 n 0000230089 00000 n [160], On August 15, Premier Moe announced that the start of classes would be delayed by a week to September 8 (after Labour Day) to provide additional time for preparations by students and faculty, and that the province would develop a voluntary testing strategy oriented towards schools, and provide $40 million in additional funding to school divisions to cover costs related to safety measures. 0000161748 00000 n 0000111464 00000 n 0000388905 00000 n There are hand sanitizer stations, arrows and other guidelines in and out of exhibits.

[245], Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Saskatchewan, Canada, Municipal orders with measures contrary to provincial measures. 0000315051 00000 n [116] On November 3, a mask mandate for indoor public spaces was announced for Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon, as well as a further reduction of the maximum number if participants in a private home gathering from 15 to 10.

0000176664 00000 n 0000387141 00000 n 0000137983 00000 n 0000462569 00000 n 0000133211 00000 n 0000596019 00000 n [62] On May 4, the province announced 34 new confirmed cases—its largest single-day increase in cases to-date, with all but five being within the Far North zone. Sport Medicine And Science Council Of Saskatchewan, SAS – Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, ACSDGP (renamed to Indigenous Community Sport Development Grant Program ICSDGP), Community Engagement And Development Program, Saskatchewan and Community Re-Opening Plans, Submit nominations now for the 2021 Canadian Museum Awards, https://www.facebook.com/groups/CleanMuseumsData/, https://www.facebook.com/groups/NettoyageDonneeMusee/, Remembrance Day 2020 – PCD Offices Closed, Community Engagement and Development Program Grant, Mental Health First Aid Basic Certification – Register by December 1, 2020, NCCP Make Ethical Decisions Course Reimbursement Info, H.O.P.E.

The majority of these cases were reported to be in the Saskatoon and North Central (including Prince Albert) area, and it was stated that many of the new Saskatoon cases had been traced to bars and nightclubs in the area.

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0000661942 00000 n 0000106239 00000 n [206] Tournaments are prohibited,[206] as well as inter-provincial travel for the purpose of participating in sporting events. [17] On March 17, one new case was reported. 0000207629 00000 n Tournaments and interprovincial competitions are prohibited. 0000122039 00000 n 0000088108 00000 n 0000135554 00000 n 0000108607 00000 n 0000237916 00000 n