These criteria were hygrothermal durability, thermal efficiency, constructability, cost, and resource efficiency. The use of 6” of rigid mineral wool (8 pcf density) as exterior insulation in lieu of EPS or XPS is a suitable alternate in terms of buildability and hygrothermal performance in this assembly though is slightly more expensive in the North due to shipping of this heavier rigid insulation type to remote locations. // ]]> Pingback: Moving The Tiny House | Tiny House Basics, Pingback: Seriously thinking about going tiny? Coming with a curb weight of 1,800 lbs and equipped with dual Leaf Spring Suspension Axles (2) 6,000 lbs. Tru Form Tiny sells three travel trailer models with several lengths, two types of exteriors and “verve and rustic” options to give the house a unique look. I like how you guys have options in customizing your own. Used Mobile Homes For Sale By Owner - Action Now Protect Mobile Home Parks.

With more units to come, capping at 50 units. Our Trailers are built in 6 Nationwide Trailer Manufacturing Locations with over 36 years experience building High Quality Trailers. //
We can help you with all the other details, after all we build our Tiny House on one of our trailers so we know the Tiny House Needs very well!

Gooseneck, bumper pull, or pintle-eye in various axle configurations.

6-Months Warranty.

Info on how to order your Tiny House Trailer, Discounts Available on All Tiny House Trailers w/ Purchase Of Floor Plans, Please contact us for any Tiny House Trailer Inquiries at or 925-322-0541   
It is about 4 weeks once you placer your deposit. Also what the implications’ would be if this tiny house, originally insulated for service in the far North, was subsequently relocated back to Southern Canada?

I’m currently investigating how practical a (trailered) tiny house is for use in the Canadian far North. I am trying to get funding to build an Eco tiny house village centering around the arts. Thinking of building o, Let's Hit The Road! (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){
Flush Crossmembers to use my trailer as the subfloor?Yes, This adds $100 to Quoted PriceNoI don't know
Standard Features on our 12k (California MFG) Tiny House Trailers: (2) EZ-Lube HD 6K Axles, 2-Wheel Brakes, (1) 6K Brake Axle, (1) 6K Idler Axle, 16” 8-Lug Wheels, 16” 10-Ply Radial Tires, 2 5/16” Coupler, 5K Drop-Leg Front Jack, HD 6” C-Channel Frame/Tongue, 102” Wide Deck, Front/Rear of Fenders, 3” HD Cross-Members placed approx. Standard Features on our 10k (California MFG) Tiny House Trailers: (2) Wheel Brakes, (1) 5K Brake Axle (1) 5k Idler Axle, 16″ 8-Lug Wheels, 16″ 10-Ply Bias Ply Tires, HD 6″ C Channel Frame And Tongue, 2 5/16″ Coupler, 5k Drop Leg Jack, 3″ C-Channel Cross Members @ 16″ Spacing (Flush w/ deck or Dropped 3″), 7 – Way Connector Plug, DOT Lights, Safety Chains, Break-A-Way Kit/ Battery, Fully Painted Black (Custom Colors Available) MFG Warranty. Hello I’m looking for 8.5 wide 26 long how much can this cost ? With 1 1/2″ square tube cross members spaced 16″ on center, you can lay subfloor right to the frame with no floor framing needed. Hi, is it possible to get a tiny house shell for 8 feet?, Your email address will not be published. every 16” Flush w top-of-frame (3” x 2” Box Tube when placed 3” below top of frame), 2 5/16” Coupler, 8K Drop-Leg Front Jack, Seal Beam Lights, Break-A-Way Kit, Smooth Fenders, Safety Chains, 7-Way Connector Plug, Fully Painted Black & MFG Warranty, 14k Upgrade Standard Tiny House Trailer Features (In Addition to 12k Features), HD 18,000 LBS GVWR 3-Axles (w/(2) 6K Brakes Axles & (1) 6k Idler Axle), HD 21,000LBS GVWR 3-Axles (w/(2) 7K Brakes Axles & (1) 7k Idler Axle).