SimplyFailover provides your business with a simple to use 4G LTE Failover solution, so that when your primary internet goes down, you can remain connected with a 4G LTE Backup.No more lost productivity or lost sales due to internet service problems, finally simply and affordable business continuity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks a lot for your answer.

I can confirm Cradlepoint have solid stuff, however a bit expensive.We run branch offices on fiber/Failover LTE, and sometimes LTE only.

First you’ll want to connect to the router and upgrade the firmware to the latest release. Thanks a lot for your help. LBR20 - 4G/LTE as failover doesn't work flawlessly, Re: LBR20 - 4G/LTE as failover doesn't work flawlessly, Orbi RBK53 System/RBR50/RBS50/RBS50. I have my main 50 mb/s fiber internet connection and a TP-LINK TL-MR3420 3G/4G Wireless N Router for failover when main link fails. Disable Circle, Armor, Daisy Chaining, Fast Roaming, IPv6 and uncheck 20/40Mhz Coexistence.Enable WMM, Implicit BeamForming, Mu-MIMOSet Short preamble mode.

I far as I remember (I'm not at home), there are 3 IN ports (TV, TEL and NET) and 8 OUT ports; for each out port, you choose what type of signal the outlet behind the port is expected to receive (TV, TEL or NEt).

Was this purchased new or used?

Shout out to my Netscaler mentor Dave Brett for the awesome Visio drawing. Do you have any protection features enabled on the LBR20?Did you reboot your ISP modem/router, before starting the Orbi router install?Have you changed the network cable connected from the ISP device to your Orbi router?Are your satellites wired or wireless? They might have a cheaper option that will still work in their home office range. Enable failover mode 30-60 seconds is no problem, as long as the failover works. Go to Advanced TAB > Setup > Internet Setup > Internet Setup Page.

Failed over and back pretty smoothly. What is the current firmware on your Orbi device?V2.5.2.20. What device is your Orbi router connected to?It's connected to the cable modem on the WAN port and to a patch panel distributing the entire house (RJ45). IPSec tunnels to HQ. I want it use the 4G/LTE connection as a failover of my cable broadband connection. EDIT: I think the title should have been "Which routers...." (English is not my native language.).

The expected failure switch time is 2.5 mins.

Save settings, reboot Orbi. MAX retail price of about 2500 DKK (335 Euro, $464 US, 277£), Should be able to connect to 4G with a USB dongle, OR internal modem where i can just plug in the sim card, If an idiot pulls the WAN cable out by accident, the 4G/LTE has to take over.

If new, you could always contact Netgear and get a replacement.It was purchased brand new from Amazon on July 31st.

What I called the patch panel is a kind of "switch" for home dispatching of TV (DVB-T or DVB-S), TEL or Internet through RJ45 outlets. Do you have any protection features enabled on the LBR20?Not as far as I know. You will see the warning message "you have enable WAN/LAN1 PORT as LAN function when mobile mode, please disable it first". Are your satellites wired or wireless?I've one satellite, it's wired through the patch panel. If none of this help, I would start from the very beginning and factory reset the LBR20 and, if possible, configure as a router. I put it in bridge mode to let the Orbi do the routing and DHCP part.

Concerning the other advices you give (Disabling Daisy Chaining, Fast Roaming, etc.

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I want it use the 4G/LTE connection as a failover of my cable broadband connection.

Used it at my house where the DSL wasn't the greatest. They provide the Sagemcom f@st 3686 v1b cable modem. 2. Cradle point has a couple. I believe I configured it correctly (failover mode is enabled), however when the broadband connection fails, the router takes a long time (several minutes) to switch to the 4G/LTE connection (when it does, sometimes it doesn't switch at all).