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News, Pro Wrestling These specialized gamepads remove the analog sticks (which fighting games seldom use) and add face buttons to provide the inputs of an arcade stick you can hold in your hand.

Feb. 19, 2020 Arcade sticks are usually the controllers of choice for fighting game fans, but some prefer gamepads for certain titles.

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This is useful for fighting games that require precise inputs with diagonals. I'll be the first to admit I'm not actually very good at the genre, but the gamepad still feels very good to play with, and responsive to my relatively low skill level. I assume the company built it that way out of convenience, compared to hauling around a weighty Fightstick. Avoid unintended inputs during tournament play by disabling extra buttons you don’t need with a built-in button lock function. (It doesn’t have any built-in rumble features.). The four face buttons are joined with two additional, identically built R1 and R2 face buttons, giving the controller a layout closer to a Sega Genesis gamepad than a PlayStation one. If you want to get into fighting games without spending quite so much, the aforementioned Hori Fighting Commander is another good choice, though it lacks the Raion's rugged and clicky controls and doesn't have a touchpad for use with PlayStation Now.

The gamepad plugs into your PC or PS4 through a 9.8-foot USB cable. No, it does not require Razer Synapse for any additional customization or navigation.

The higher and more defined rate of feedback gives a better sense of control, reducing the amount of missed moves when it counts the most," says Razer. The direction pad clicks in both cardinal and diagonal directions, providing individual inputs with distinct tactile feedback, similar to arcade joysticks with octagonal gates.

The back of the Raion holds one more switch that sets the controller to work with a PC or PlayStation 4.

Manga The Razer Raion is a very comfortable, sturdy wired gamepad designed specifically for fighting game fans. The hyper-responsive 8-way D-pad also has a satisfying cushioned feeling with tactile feedback allowing players to better feel the inputs needed while executing combos.

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