You were conceived on a beach?

", "Hah, funny guy! Heal yourself. Ginger, the stupidest of names. Why would the horse stick around if there is no more grass left?" ", JEANNETTE: Yeah, right, and my name is "Shirtette.

At the end of the match was an advertisement.

Here's a plan: get a new name.

You gonna name your son FBI? Your name sounds terrible. Equals: even stupider name.

Only the girl ant sinks…. Short for "Time for a new name!". That's an insult. KAITLIN: Come back when you're ready to spell your name like a big girl. GRANT: Grant me the wish to never hear your name again! No? GRAHAM: Graham. What is Jack-O-Lantern saying to his family of bodybuilders?

ESTHER: Your name is a star. Uh, yeah, exactly. ALEXANDRA: The feminine version of the name "I don't care what your name is.". Say it loud and there's music playing. He asked.

Danger! FELICIA: Ms. Day, so lovely to meet you.

OR No.

Spanish for, the dumb name.

Your name is stupid.

Has an ugly face-y. COURTNEY: Cocks. Izzy: Izzy. Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g.

ROBERTA: The name your father gave you when he really wanted a "Robert.".

", The man says "Sure he talks, hey, Jake, tell him about that time we were in Africa and you made fun of that witch doctor's powers!". WILL:

Because your name is stupid. AL: Al.

OR You spelled your name wrong, Billy. OR We hired Casey Kasem to record the following message, "This week on the top 40, number 1, our name is dumb.". Gaelic for "monkey armpits.". AUSTIN: Cool town. What did Jack Nicholson say to the bad dentist? FRED: Man, Fred is a stupid name.

Here's a plan: get a new name.

OTTO: Your name spelled backwards is "stupid name.". And stupid. Because your name is dumb. HARVEY: I'm not entirely sure your name exists, Harvey. JERRY: Not as noble as Larry. HERBERT: Your name sucks so hard we should just call you Hoover. TERESA: An anagram for Ah Trees.

You are beautiful. Impresses nobody. The rabbi said, "Funny you should ask.

CALVIN: Too bad you can't pee on your own name, cause it's stupid. KARA: Short for Katherine?

DEBORAH: Your name rhymes with labia menora. So Jill walked, Jack ran, and GWENDOLYN: Member of the 1992 Olympics team? And your name is stupid.

Shame on you.

RITA: I can't get rita yer stupid name!

Enough said. KENYA: Parents were clearing doing it in the map room after school. BLAKE: Blake!

Named her Sadie. Wait...what?

Thanks for being in on the whole massacre of a civilization through colonization.

SHERYL: Did you know that your name only has one vowel?

That would have been a better name for you. Quit pretending to be something you're not. ROBYN: Looks like OBGYN. So dizzy.

What have I done?" JACK: Your name is a verb. They want you to be tackled and break your legs cause you name is so stupid. Turning on him furiously, she says, "Don't you ever try lying to me again, you rotten skunk - you've been bowling again! The three of them prayed and explained what had happened to their sons and asked God what to do. Could dunk on an 11 foot rim. Pure garbage.

Even worse as a noun.

RUBY: Ruby, a precious stone. FLORENCE: A beautiful city in Italy. STAN: Hey, you forgot the A between the S and the T. STANLEY: You won the Cup for the stupidest name. LES: Less is more.

Overpasst, no. Looks like Chris Farley. EZRA: You know what's better than Ezra? THELMA: Loise jumped off of a cliff to get away from your stupid name.

OR That's a color, not a name. ROMEO: Where for out thou--oh. Your name, is creepy. Spanish.

TERRA: Pots be broken by Link.

Then, you're way off with your dumb name. Stupid. Lame. Q.E.D. That's because you have a stupid name. MASON: I'm going to drawn a line. Hm, what else? Not.


Too bad you have a dumb name.

That's a much better name than yours. It's really stupid. ANGIE: You should get an Angie-oplasty. It's a Christmas miracle. Go figure.

BIZ: Biz is as bad a name for a person as Jelly is for a company. One did? AIDA: If I were in your parents shoes, Aida named you something not stupid.

ALFREDO: Alfredo. DANIEL: Hebrew for "God is my judge, and he judged my name to be stupid. I'll save you from your stupid name!

They're chanting your name! One day, as he chops wood, he hears screams from a nearby cottage.

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a female d'eer.

Looks like Lassie.

HUNTER: Hunter? JAMES: Q: What do James Madison, James Monroe, and James K. Polk have in common? With a panicked look on his face, he says, "Everybody run, I just got word that Big Jake is comin' to town!

JOSIE: The pussycats agree: Your name is stupid. 'Cause, right now, yours is stupid. ROSALIE: It's not a lie that your name is pretty stupid. That's sad.

BRIDGETT: No, you're supposed to take the Bridge MM to get to Memphis, silly.

EDWARD: Ed, Edd 'n Eddie. You know? When his plane arrives, there is a limousine there to transport him to his home in Dallas. SHARRON: Where'd you get that extra R, the Stupid Store? Your name is stupid.


JOY: Joy.

Your name is stupid.

Tyrone. More like yam smell! Junior high was probably tough for you.

We didn't think you would, but hey, you did! I'm really hoping it's Jake, because he's *super cute*. JAIME: Lame-y. Congratulations on living this long. The absence of anything. Sissy name. Both stupid. Has an ugly face-y. JAMIE: Jamie is a name derived as a pet form of James. "Well, you see, honey," he stammers, "I only went out for cigarettes, but Jake offered me a beer and then this beautiful bombshell walked in and we got to talking and drinking and we've been back at her apartment fucking like bunnies...", "Wait a minute," snaps his wife. Generate tons of puns! JOLENE: Jolene, Jolene, Joleeene, Joleeeeeene. He looks at his watch, wakes up the blonde and asks her if she has any powder.

We meant to make fun of your sister's name.


But you don't have to change your awful name.

GWEN: Gwen will you change your name to something better? Jack left. For a trashy wannabe.

5, but Jack should probably go see an urologist. English for "overrated pop star.". What kind of name is that? He grabs a patron by the bar and asks, "What' ... read more. TEDDY: Yeah, right, and my name is "Sexy Lingerie.". As I gathered my equipment, my K-9 partner, Jake, was barking and I saw a little boy staring in at me.

MIRIAM: All those M's in your name can't hide how stupid it is.

JARED: We don't know how you turned eating sandwiches into a career, but, jealous. Just...not in your name.

SHAWN: Boys name, girls name. IQ of seven.

That's the best your parents could do? You were named after Carlos Mencia. That is not a compliment. "That's amazing" he says, "what else can he do? Clerks?

What'd you say?

GEOFFREY: I's better than Jefferey, but still a dumb name. Stupid for you. MARTIN: Damn, Gina, that's one stupid name! My name is Creek.

BILLY: Way to really grow out of your childhood name there, Billy. NED: Winter is coming.

JUAN: Juan. MATT: My best friend's name is Matt! What is a jack o lantern's favorite pick up line? KELVIN: Sir, we just received the temperature reading. Congratulations.

BETHANY: Any one named Beth out there? Yours is lame.

CLAIRE: Oh, I got my belly button pierced at you. JUNE: Yeah, right, and my name is "March.". KATHY: Kathy.

I'm going to go with "stupid.". TONY: You should win a Tony for Stupidest Name. Go to school. ELIJAH: A classic, solidly stupid Biblical name. ELAINE: You are a town in Arkansas. Cum stain. Jake asks, "Hello Dave, I believe you sent me the incorrect item. You're welcome. EARNEST: I earnestly believe you have a stupid name.

ROMAN: Lend me your ear.

Kind of spacey.

You were a meter maid. CHRISTIAN: Better than being called Protestant on the playground, but still, really lame.

The supervisor says, "Oh, so it's the President." OR You have an uncommon name. Tracey.

OLIVIA: Olivia, the process that olives use to procreate. Estonian for "a goat's underbelly.".