AND CRAD14 Y|May not be taken concurrently)

Through the use of case studies and real-life media examples, you will learn how to embrace social networks, user generated content, and blogs, to name just a few channels.

This course will investigate the design and execution of these various kinds of qualitative research techniques, and is a foundation for students who wish to pursue a career in advertising research and planning.

Online courses to consider for this major include: Live, study and pursue outside-the-classroom learning in a residence hall community that shares your interests: In addition to guaranteed admission agreements WVU has transfer articulation agreements with: Connect with other students who share your academic interests as a member of: View all of the student organizations you can join. Student works under the supervision of faculty, who approves and guides the study. OR (ADV 3022|Minimum Grade of C|May not be taken concurrently Intermediate Digital Design Tools for Advertising. Over the course of the semester we will spend 4 weeks each with Dreamweaver and HTML at an intermediate level and 6 weeks with CSS at a beginner level. Pre-requisites: ADV 3022.

Pre-requisites: AND CRAD17 Y|May not be taken concurrently)

Use stories and visual mediums to communicate effectively with various audiences. No additional application is necessary. ADV 1010. OR CRAD16 Y|May not be taken concurrently). Students participate in internships everywhere from New York advertising agencies to Capitol Hill to professional sports teams and London-based communications firms.

This writing-intensive course focuses on the fundamentals of writing for various forms of news media, including print and electronic.

Network with professionals in your field as a student member of: The Reed College of Media helps place students in internships that offer hands-on experience beyond the classroom.
This advanced course of study is web design for advertising majors.

Joseph Glennon ADV 4103. You will need to know how to analyze the data, find the story in the data and present the data story in a compelling way. 3 Credit Hours. By pairing theoretical and historical understanding with hands-on learning, students are able to create meaningful messages and strategic campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. Digital Analytics and Reporting. (CSI 1111|Minimum Grade of C|May not be taken concurrently Arranged each semester. ADV 2000 to 2999| Required Courses:1|Minimum Grade of C|May be taken concurrently Advertising plays an important role in driving business success, but its impact can extend beyond the corporate bottom line.

If you’re interested in business, psychology or social studies, you may be well-suited for Marketing. Personal branding means promoting your own skills and strengths.

OR (ADV 3053|Minimum Grade of C|May not be taken concurrently

Professional presentation beyond the portfolio, such as the resume, job search, and interview, will also be addressed along with social media positioning strategies and developing a working knowledge of technical presentation tools.

WI designated. Department Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Departments: KCMC:Adv and Public Relations. An overall knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite is recommended.

Honors Media and Society. Our Dodge College career advisor helps both students and alumni develop and achieve their career goals. Department Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Departments: KCMC:Adv and Public Relations. OR CRAD09 Y|May not be taken concurrently) AND (PR 2701|Minimum Grade of C|May be taken concurrently Public Relations Field Experience.

ADV 1102. Pre-requisites: Pre-requisites: OR CRAD14 Y|May not be taken concurrently).

Qualified Strategic Communication, Public Relations and Advertising majors will also be eligible to continue their studies in SHU’s highly respected Strategic Communication and Public Relations Graduate Program (completing a 4+1 BA/MA program or pursuing an accelerated MA by taking up to two graduate courses during their senior year). (ADV 2151|Minimum Grade of C|May not be taken concurrently OR CRPR03 Y|May not be taken concurrently) Plan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs, such as determining the demand for products and services offered by a firm and its competitors, and identify potential customers. Quantitative Advertising Research. New technology and innovation in our classrooms prepare you for the changing media landscape. Law and ethics are crucial components of public relations practice. Students energetically interested in advertising as a career; Students with creative talent in art, design, writing and strategic thinking and wish to express that talent in a professional career; Students who are broadly interested in media and the power of advertising; Students interested in marketing, sales, or business, but who do not wish to major in business or finance.