Mixed half and half like that made it taste more like drinking the chocolate milks that are mixed into milk. Honeyville’s milk alternative is not 100% milk. I like a little molasses in my milk. With our Morning Moos my kids said, "Mom your homemade milk is better than the other kind." There were also two kinds of chocolate milks which I labeled R and S.  A friend and I mixed up each kind of powdered milk and let it chill. Thank you for posting such a detailed review!

Anyone tried this one? He mixed the leftovers from the better ones half and half with real 2% milk and then he'd drink it. I don’t think these brands are available in the stores I go to. This wasn’t very helpful at all, and I guarantee I am not the only one who clicked on the link with high expectations, read this article and were subsequently very disappointed. Thanks! That all equates to more milk for your money. Recalling the state of my pocketbook, it was probably the icky store brand–oh, there was a short time that I used whey powder type milk substitute cuz I got it cheap. Thanks for the suggestion!Mariah-Ha! Find more posts about: dairy, reviews. So just in case you don’t want to go through the expense and hassle of trying out every kind of powdered milk you can find, read on.
Did you happen to note which ones had the lowest price per gallon of milk once mixed? It’s average taste score was 3.46, with scores ranging from 2-5 and the score chosen most often split equally between 3 and 4. Have used Grandma’s and now using Emergency Essentials, which I think is delicious.

There was no powdery residue in the bottom of the jug and if you mixed it with just a little bit of cream for the milk fat we honestly couldn’t tell the difference. I've found it not bad with a dollop of vanilla mixed in. This one mixed up fairly easily. Some thought the flavor was too strong and/or it was too sweet. Maybe if you mixed less in it wouldn’t have as much flavor. Average taste score was 2.15, with scores ranging from 1-4 and the most common taste score was 2. Thanks. I'm just LOVING your blog! With our Morning Moos my kids said, "Mom your homemade milk is better than the other kind." I haven’t tried any lactose free milks. The quality of the taste is just better this way. I'm using NIDO milk product… it's very tasty and delicious. We conducted a blind taste test of seven different types of milk — including dairy and non-dairy varieties — to see which ultimately tastes the best. The few that didn’t like it, really didn’t like it, so that brought the average down. 1 is best but with vanilla you can use 1 box for 2 quarts. I certainly hope not. So don’t despair, all that powdered milk you have from the cannery does not need to be replaced with something else. Okay, for all you parents of grade schoolers, that is “mean=3.46, range=2-5, mode=3, 4”. I tried it and was amazed!! I even have the pitcher they sale with it – which mixes it very smoothly and pain free. The average taste score on the Rainy Day instant milk was 2.81, with a range of 1-4 and the most common score chosen was 3. :). You can also find me on Pinterest, and purchase my book, Food Storage for Self Sufficiency and Survival on Amazon. I’ve been drinking store-bought milk for decades and always hated powdered milk, even Organic Valley powdered milk. It mixed easily in warm water and took 2 2/3 cups to make a gallon of milk. I highly recommend it and always purchase it when it is on sale. No, I did not use the 12 year old stuff from my food room, I opened fresh stuff canned a month before the experiment. =)We just finished up a can of the LDS Cannery milk. The commenter who called that last milk “Bad!” called this one “Worse!”. Available from and donated by Honeyville Grain. I’m guessing it is a comparable taste to other store brands.

Amazing. Angela–Great experiment! That may have been what scarred your childhood, Mariah. Great review! So maybe some for drinking or putting on cereal would be good to have around. I use the LDS non-instant powdered milk and my family likes it just fine. However, without my Provident Pantry milk, I’d never get milk to last longer than a week or maybe two. I estimated you could get a little over 15 quarts (not quite 4 gallons) out of each can by using the recommended 3 cups of mix per gallon.

It’s still around, isn’t it?

$1.84/gallon. I even have the pitcher they sale with it - which mixes it very smoothly and pain free. Wow, are you still reading? No one will know the difference.

Sorry for the trouble, but this post has moved to our new blog address. I’m Lauren. That taste was bad enough to remember it, and it forever corrupted my view of powdered milk. Thank you VERY much for posting this! So here’s the basic setup. I am lactose intolerant and found that I could tolerate Morning Moo’s.
I’m certainly no kind of expert on powdered milk, but I do wonder where you found the brands you tested (I’ve never seen nor heard of any of them), and why you didn’t you test brands that are found everywhere. You can’t just mix it in cold water. Nido is dehydrated FULL FAT milk so it has the taste of real milk not skim milk. I had some folks about cry when they found out how bad it tasted because that was the only kind they had stored. Wow, Provident Pantry milk is good! We used warm again and it mixed easily. This one didn’t score too well on the taste. This happened over two days. Why didn’t you review the powdered milks most often found in stores? Recently I made Immersion blender Ice Cream with it, and the taste was not good, but the powder was a little old! Just *DO NOT* get the Kinder type, get the regular. It was a great article …. The cost of powdered milk makes it an attractive, budget-saving bargain. We have not done this in a while so I am not remembering amounts. Yes, I do remember. . Reconstituted milk tastes best about three or four hours after it is mixed, cold. Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites! Then we had people taste them and grade each on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being really bad and 5 being really good and let them write any comments they wanted to about any of them. Included in the taste test were 2 different kinds available from the LDS storehouse.

We used the same rating scale for the chocolate milks as we did for the regular milks.

Thank you for doing this test and sharing the results!!! We have been wondering for a while which milk to purchase for drinking. The Safeway brand I have is 1 1/3 (1.33) cups for 1 quart which would be 5 1/3 (5.33) cups for 1 gallon. Morning Moo Chocolate Flavor 5. $7.05/can. This milk mixed up easily in warm or cold water. We had an emergency preparedness/provident living series of seminars at my church where there was a taste test done like this one. Thank you very much for your willingness to try all the choices out with a taste test!! Better than any other milk I have tried. But we were able to pick an overall loser, which, to our complete surprise, was. Also available at Utah Macey’s stores and some Associated Foods stores.

I'm a bit of a milk snob, and having lived on powdered milk before, it's nice to see some brands that are actually tolerable now, and some even good. As is orange cream! Give me my organic non fat and I am happy. It dissolved readily in warm or cold water. Wow. I’d definitely pick some of this up for drinking. I have some tins of evaporated milk for longer term storage. BUT what I do is add vanilla extract to it and that helps hide the taste some. Have you tested Premium Instant Non-Fat Milk? We conducted a blind taste test of seven different types of milk — including dairy and non-dairy varieties — to see which ultimately tastes the best. I loved fresh milk, too, but the powdered had a certain taste about it that I really liked. $6.01/gallon. I really don't like it – it is too sweet for me, however I like the non-fat milk from Sams (yes, I would have thought they were the same thing). It was great. No, I don’t think fat free/skim milk tastes like milk any more than you do, but because all of the powdered milks are non-fat, we are using non-fat milk to compare them to. They were: organic whole milk, lactose-free 2% milk, organic 1% milk, skim milk, soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk. 2 powdered milk alternatives, 2 regular non-instant powdered milks, 5 instant powdered milks, and regular old skim milk in a jug thrown in just for fun and science (but nobody knew which one it was). This is a fantastic post!