Jett (Random 1-20+ All Stats, 1-20 ATK/MATK that changes daily) [6%+ Summon Duration] Note: Training a Cygnus Knight to LV150 will give to all your characters 30+ ATK/MATK, without even using a link skill slot! Its a lot of fun and fits well with a decent melee that can heal. Level 25: Requires at least 200 Relic Gauge to use. Split Mistel (MAX) This skill level automatically syncs with Combo Assault Discharge, Combo Assault Blast and Combo Assault Transition. Increases Final Ancient Force/Enchant Force Skill by 4%,

Unlock Boss-Tier Additional Options Level 1: MP Cost: 10. When the arrow explodes, it attacks up to 4 enemies at 105% damage 4 times The Cons of a Pathfinder are mainly the fact that to reach the top you are going to have to invest a lot of resources and even if you do, Pathfinder is a little low on the DPM charts. Anonymous July 24, 2013 at 10:09 PM. Required Level: 190 The helmet, boots, amulet, rings, and belt are all listed as Rares (with a few unique suggestions for special cases) – those alone should be more than enough for you to cap your resists. Critical Rate +20%, Critical Damage +15% for 300 sec. Finally, reaching 4th job unlocks a skill Relic Charge II allows you to decrease the cooldown of Ancient Force and Enchant Force skill. Swift Wind recharges every sec. After trying a Tornado Shot/Pathfinder build and it not working the best starting at Maps Tier 6, I was glad to find this and how well it works. The next 6 skills that are used can be mixed and matched however you like. Wouldn’t Pathfinder be a Special Class like Dual Blade and Cannoneer? If not, or if you plan on playing to higher levels, I suggest the holy vindicator prestige. Debuff grows weaker with every job advancement. Ancient Archery (MAX) Level 1: Activation Rate of Additional Discharge and Additional Blast: +10%, Cardinal Force – Bonus Attack Level 1: MP Cost: 15. Unlock Boss-Tier Additional Options It is easier for your character to become more proficient in these skills, as they represent part of his professional training and constant practice. Hello, everyone. Level 4: No curse effect.

Combo Assault (Enchant Force: Transition) If you are not trained in the skill (and if the skill may be used untrained), you may still attempt the skill, but you use only the bonus (or penalty) provided by the associated ability score modifier to modify the check. Increases Split Mistel First Arrow Damage by 147%p, Since maxing skills for the 5th job are highly dependent on farming nodes, make sure either have a farming character or have drop gear on your Pathfinder. Temporarily summons Raven of Dark Attribute. Skills used with Ancient Bow does not consume arrows. the skills you would want it to affect aren’t using it such as guidance of the ancient so i have buff duration for mihile link? Steelskin should be used for additional damage mitigation. Level 10: Critical Rate +10%, Damage +20%, Ignore DEF +30%, Pathfinder 3rd Job Skill Build Guide: Level 20: MP Cost: 10. Required Level: 180 Level 25: Relic Gauge Cost: 500. Just a couple notes on your weapon selections: The Master Sword is often used both one handed and two handed and is noticeably longer than the average longsword. Level 1: Critical Rate +1%, Damage +2%, Ignore DEF +3% Set Item of Arcaneshade Set (Archer), Level 200 – Sealed Genesis Ancient Bow Note: Armor check penalties apply to all Strength– and Dexterity-based Skills.. Level 30: Relic Gauge Cost: 150. Some tasks have varying levels of success and failure depending on how much your check is above or below the required DC. Temporarily increases Ancient Bow ASPD by 2 levels at the cost of MP. As for where to train, there are a ton of guides online and since they are always changing you should find what works for you. You think that build can be a good choice to start in 3.8? Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%, Combo Assault 0. The build’s damage is mainly back-ended, which means you rely on damage over time and poisons in order to kill enemies. Lv.165 – Cardinal Force – Additional Enhance 7 and up to 5 can be stored. Dodge Level 1: Ancient Bow Mastery +14%, ATT +3 This would complete all jobs having a 3rd branch. + Using a different Cardinal Force skill than the previous one reduces the cooldown of Ancient Force/Enchant Force skill by 1 sec.
If it is less than the DC, you fail. Relic Charge I

on May 16th, 2019, thanks for the reply, you mentioned few of the unique items above which are not viable for this kind of game, as you know its not possible to put resist cap on unique items, so what is the sense of following your equipement and uniques in this build? EQUIPMENT TYPE: Archer Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) W.Att: +148, STR: +25, DEX: +40, Ignore Def: +5%, Attacks the nearby enemy with a bow, and then shoots an arrow flying through space to attack a wide range of enemies. Level 25: Relic Gauge Cost: 500. Permanently increases +ATT 1%. Skills represent your character's ability to accomplish tasks not (directly) related to murdering living, breathing things with extreme prejudice (but, for example, convincing them to do the same to one another).
She uses an Ancient Bow and is an extremely easy and fun class to play. Since Pathfinder’s are Explorers they are part of Adventurer’s Curiosity. Good luck building your character. W.Att: +102, Boss Damage: +10%, Knockback: +70% Skill descriptions adhere to the following guidelines.

+ When Raven attacks an enemy, charges 10. Why would I choose to play a poison build? Option 1: All Stat : +5% Level 1: Range +8, MSPD +2, Max MSPD +146 Slot: 7, Sold for 38,000 mesos, Level 90 – Pylos Ancient Bow Level 1: Whenever Relic Gauge is filled to 1000, increases Final Damage +6% for 30 sec. So with that archetype I was thinking about playing Link, since it would give me the BAB and feats to be effective in melee combat, and still decent healing via channeling, which I could roleplay out as me collecting red fairies for everyone that only I can see. Cooldown: 200 sec. Increases Final Damage per Ancient Curse Debuff +10%. Cooldown: 10 sec. Vaal Clarity can be utilized if you have Mana problems on single targets. Explanation: 13. Instead of rolling 1d20 for the skill check, just calculate your result as if you had rolled a 20. Cooldown: 600 sec. Edge of Resonance (MAX) Sold for 28,000 mesos, Level 100 – Perfect Relic What level are you starting at? Increases Final Ancient Force/Enchant Force Skill by 10%, Since the Gollux rework he has been a tough Boss to deal with.

Untradable after equipped Level 1: Relic Gauge Cost: 500. W.Att: +25, Knockback: +26% After using Cardinal Force, you can combo it with other Cardinal Force or Ancient Force in rapid successions. I feel like ancient force is barely a part of my total damage add would rather spec for a permanent ignore defense. Using Additional Discharge and Additional Blast creates 1 additional Magic Arrows and Swift Wind recharge time is reduced to 3 sec. Duration: 15 sec. Protect yourself and surrounding party members by amplifying the power of the Relic. You can move the character forward or upward by using the directional keys during skill cast. Final Damage increases by 25%/50%/75%/100% when the consumed Relic Gauge is 25%/50%/75%/100%. Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%, Level 10 – Cursed One Swift Wind recharges every sec. Loving the guide thanks :). Maple Warrior (MAX) Bow attack deals damage to up to 5 enemies at 600% damage 7 times.

Increases additional Blast Damage by 21%p Discharge enhancement allows Enchant skill is specifically deal with large enemies mobs better. Pathfinder Hyper Skill Build Guide: