Milah eventually abandons Rumplestiltskin and their son Baelfire for a life of adventure as a pirate. Shortly after learning that Gideon has been taken by the Black Fairy, Rumple and Belle are suddenly confronted by Gideon, now an adult after spending 28 years in another realm where time works differently.

Henry Mills (Grandson)Lucy Mills (Great-Granddaughter)Maurice (Father-in-law)Colette (Mother-in-law) † Before enacting the Black Fairy's plans of going after Emma again, Gideon is forced to get Hook out of the way so he can't interfere. He is eventually resurrected by Baelfire, who uses the Vault of the Dark One to bring him back to life, but this ends up killing Baelfire. However, the seer tells Rumplestiltskin that he will die when the soldiers ride cows to battle. Emma quickly deduces that he is not really Aesop or a bartender and Gideon confirms this by transforming back, then revealing that he will not allow Hook to return to Storybrooke unless Emma helps him. Still comatose, the Blue Fairy gives Belle a magical rose that will keep her informed of Gold's condition while she helps the heroes. He commands Mr. Gold into not trying to stop him, but before he can finish off Mother Superior, Mr. Gold does it for him, in order to spare him from committing an act of darkness. She also gives the Her Handsome Hero book to Mother Superior, telling her to read it to Gideon so he'll always know his mother is close to him. Rumplestiltskin collects all this power in an attempt to free Belle from a Sleeping Curse, although when Belle is taken by Mr. Hyde, Rumple is forced to make a deal so that Belle is returned to him and Storybrooke belongs to Hyde. [2] His mother, Jennifer Oleff, is an artist known for her colorful abstract and surreal paintings. When Hook tries to warn her, Rumplestiltskin rips out Hook's heart, claiming that he can perform a spell that will free himself from the dagger's control. The son of the Dark One, Bae was unhappy with his father's evil ways and sought passage to a new land, one without magic. Determined to become mortal again and join Belle in death, Rumple seeks out "The Guardian", who is a figure prophecized to be the one who controls the Darkness.
Gideon shows him an hourglass, cautioning that if Belle does not wake up by the time the sand runs out, she will return to the Netherworld's red room for good. Performing witchcraft. Using Lily's darkened blood as the ink, Isaac writes a whole new story where villains win. Anita |