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However, the reason the Maple World is the happy place it is today, is due to the efforts of six selfless heroes who fought the Black Mage, sealed him away, and brought peace and prosperity to the Maple World.

March 2018 edited March 2018 in Game Guides. Tri-node 1: Raging Blow, Rising Rage, Final Attack, Tri-node 2: Raging Blow, Rising Rage, Final Attack, Tri-node 3: choose 3 from Rush, Shout, Combo Fury, Puncture, Panic, Tri-node 4: choose 3 from Rush, Shout, Combo Fury, Puncture, Panic, the nodes I would max before working on any others are your boost nodes that boost Raging Blow and the skill node for Burning Soul Blade.

so thats the ideal BiS's for pre umbra correct?

The world of MapleStory was not always such a cheerful place. Gollux) requires toggling single-target mode frequently, As a flipside to having high scaling, you will see poor damage until you do start getting good gear with att %, boss %, and crit chance %, May be boring for highly mechanical players, Wild Hunter: chance for skills to deal additional damage, Raise STR, Crit chance, Crit damage, Boss damage, Damage, and Ignore defense to 4, Raise Crit damage, Crit chance, and Boss damage to 9, Raise Crit damage, Crit chance, and Boss damage to 10, Put the rest of the points into STR or wherever (I actually have some points into Speed since my speed while in drop gear is too low), 540ms enhanced Raging Blow (1.059 times slower), 600ms normal Raging Blow (1.111 times slower), 1.44 weapon multiplier (1.108 times stronger), must use an unscrollable secondary weapon, Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage (not as good but lower level), Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths (probably the best), Lachelein Night Market: Chicken Festival 2, Arcana: Cavern Lower Path (best but crowded), Arcana: Labyrinthine Cavern - Upper Path (very empty)*, Speed 2: 600ms (cap unless using extreme green potion), Speed 2: 630ms (cap unless using extreme green potion), Extreme green potion (-1 stage, surpass cap of 2 speed), Legion member bonus (Marksman and Night Lord): 3% each at Lv 140 or 4% each at Lv 200, Main potential on primary and secondary weapons, in my experience boss/boss/att% is optimal, ex: 30% boss 30% boss 9% att, on bonus potential att% is higher priority than boss%, A-rank boss damage Nebulites on primary and secondary weapons: 25% each, Legion member bonus (Kanna and Demon Avenger): 3% each at Lv 140 or 5% each at Lv 200, updating recommended inner ability (crit chance instead of att), updating burning soul blade in skill explanation to make attack speed property clearer, updating burning soul blade justification in 1-hand vs 2-hand section, added appendix section for miscellaneous info, added skill hitboxes in skill explanation section, updating recommended nodes (CO and aura priority up, blitz shield priority down), updating puncture after learning it doesn't give critical damage. Level 5: Damage taken from enemy -2.5%.

Brandish Perform a double attack on enemies in front of you. Equipment Information - Maple Guide . All of the six heroes are featured in their updated appearance in the update 'Heroes of Maple', where they are the key characters in the second blockbuster.

Check out the v.217 Sengoku Returns: Asura War Patch Notes.