If you have trouble with this challenge, search for two-person groups or patrols on Jeet's territory. © Valve Corporation. This challenge is related to vehicles from which opponents are jumping - they can be found mostly on Gutgash's territory. First few levels shouldn't be troublesome, the last challenge might be tricky. Many Roadkill vehicles can be found during Death Runs which are also one of the best places for mass destruction. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment or Avalanche Studios. This allow you to combine two missions and complete them at once. Let's Be Overly Specific - while driving the Aurelian the Ready, destroy 1 vehicle during storm. In other words, this vehicle, in various configurations, is the most versatile one available in the game (thanks to upgrades and the possibility to take Chumbucket). Similarly to the previous category, use the vehicles from your own collection or use Death Runs. Then, after destroying it, leave the race and restart it.

Become Mad Max, the lone warrior in a savage post-apocalyptic world where cars are the key to survival. He may be a little weird, but he generally has helpful information to share as you drive around the Wasteland, including warnings about oncoming enemies, hidden treasures, and more. Chicken Soup - destroy 5 Rammerheads or Skullbutts by head ramming them with the best ramming grill equipped. Kill Twitch - shake 10 jumpers from the Magnum Opus without using any weapon (sudden turning, using boost).

It is done by driving into enemies frontally, preferably into their side. Repeating this activity few times will allow you to complete the challenges. More often than not, Max will be fighting without a melee weapon, so make sure his fists are ready for action. Paint splatter usually leads to hidden scrap!

After a successful attaching to enemy, you will consequently reduce the durability of enemy vehicle.

After upgrading, it also becomes useful against enemies in vehicles - it will allow you to drag them from the inside of their vehicles and to rip tires from the rest of the car. By jumping from the large cliff which you will find there you will easily complete all challenges that require a longer flight from you.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to destroy two vehicles parked next to each other at once (use Thunderpoon of flames). 0. Using Chumbucket's weapons (especially the Thunderpoon) will always make the battle easier.

Avoid the roads at night. Mad Max is a very serious game, and it wouldn't be as much if they gave us - let's say; 'free view' as for what enemies we want to attack and how'd we attack them. If you need to make a sharp turn while driving at high speeds, hit the side ram attack button to make your turn smoother. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. This one isn't too effective in destroying enemy vehicles (but it can be used for that purpose if you want). Magnum Opus is the vehicle in which you will spend the majority of the game. Another way is using the Outer Graves territory, which is de facto outside the map borders. Signed and Sealed - While driving the Drop Kicker, destroy 1 vehicle using mines.

Another possibility is to use the Death Run in which required vehicles participate. - spikes against jumpers - enemies can jump off their vehicles and on Magnum Opus, and then attack Max. Start with positioning yourself in a proper place so that you will have the convoy in front of you. Chances are that looking at the location from a different angle will help you see something that isn't very noticeable from Max's perspective. The last, but definitely the strongest weapon in Chumbucket's arsenal, is the Thunderpoon. Do those count? Throw Another on the Barbie - while driving the Fire Raider, Flamergamer or Charbone, destroy 5 vehicles using a pipe throwing flames. This will allow you to select a vehicle whenever you get close to Magnum Opus vehicle while in a stronghold. Smite the Wicked - use Jugger of Virtue Archangel to destroy 15 Scrotus vehicles. Repeat this until you complete the challenge. To put it simple, it's a rocket launcher - you mark any target and the mechanic will send a rocket there. This will leave Magnum Opus vulnerable to enemy ramming, but it will give you few moments to aim with the sniper rifle and destroy enemy vehicle. Next Upgrades Max Prev Combat On foot. Sure, no problem, ill just add them to the nexus page, wont want to clutter up the comments, the no-point grind in this game is really bad, so just wanted to help out people as much as i can. You unlock them by finding them on the map and driving to any stronghold or by winning a Death Race with a specific vehicle type. It's been quite a while since I played the game, but I believe to remember, that the repeatable challenges needed to be completed once. Here's the Big Chief - defeat 3 enemies using a vehicle with a V8 engine (you will unlock it during story mission).

Rotate mouse to keep your attention on yellow circles and red warnings and don't hesitate to execute - that's all tips really.
The thing is, i also have not completed a number of the repeating challenges.

The game was created by Avalanche Studios, known for its Just Cause sandbox game series. Listen to Chumbucket! It’s easy to 100% a camp or scavenging location - just be sure to look out for yellow ledges, rooms under ramps, and alternate pathways. The guide to Mad Max is a large compendium that contains all important information about the gameplay of the game. Am I missing something?

If you have trouble with completing this challenge, pick a place that is full of enemies - like Scavenging location in Gastown or camps: Proving Grounds (Cadavanaugh territory) or Havoc Point (Knit Sack territory).

If, additionally, you bounce from one enemy into another driving on the other side, the damage dealt will be doubled. Once you start receiving damage, quickly destroy the vehicle and escape for the challenge to be completed (you can't die during it). Most of all, Magnum Opus itself is a battle tool. 3. The spikes greatly reduce the chance of such attack ending with success.

While driving, when enemies are usually driving by your side, ramming in such way might be impossible. Two Can Play That Game - destroy 3 vehicles while driving the Skullbutts. The first way to fight from the inside of the vehicle is ramming enemies. Required vehicles can be found on Deep Friah's territory.

However, Magnum Opus has also additional equipment which allows fighting enemies at some distance. Keep your finger off the triggers early on in the game. This will allow you to destroy the required vehicle while sitting in Magnum Opus. Sparks Will Fly - while driving a Sideblender or a Metal Grinder, destroy a vehicle of the same type.

Also, im in the post full game (finished story, clear all wasteland camps and scavenge... and do all the stuff... just finish achievement) ... And i want to know where to find more enemy cars (often spawn) with pilots on it, to do car combat achievements while enjoying the combat... Only few left but i need some cars.. Spawning them from races ints enought for now, because of Time bomb, There an achievement who needs to play online? Description of Max's and his car's upgrades. Slow Burner - fill the fury meter in less than 60 seconds.

Nudge Nudge - destroy 5 vehicles by side ramming them.

Most Scrotus vehicles can be found on each territory before reducing the threat. Fight to stay alive in The Wasteland using brutal on-ground and vehicular combat against vicious gangs of bandits. Tire Popper - shoot 2 tires of moving vehicles with a sniper rifle. You should definitely utilize the possibilities offered by this weapon.
You can also combine destroying vehicles with other challenges, for example the ones that require you to destroy a specific vehicle or use a specific method.