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Compact, simple, and streamlined, you'll have no problem decorating around this classic metal design. 7 min read.

CASART. The unit features a queen-sized bed, a spot to hang a 42" flat screen TV, and a modular storage wall for clothing, shoes, and books. This loft bed packs a lot of storages for you since it features drawers and shelves at the same place. The use of loft bed idea in a summer camp can overcome the storage problem. The industrial feel of this compact loft bed will stand out as much as it blends in. The stairs pack storages that you can use to store books, magazines, or any odds and ends without compromising the exquisite design.

At Francis Lofts & Bunks, we build beds that embrace form and functionality in equal measure so you can enjoy their space-saving capabilities without sacrificing your adult style.

It provides the Touch of elegance to your bedroom. Loft beds enable you to optimize the space of your bedroom without ditching the other bed or expanding the room which may cost an arm and a leg. Incorporating a loft bed is a quick way to optimize space, especially a more compact one. It cannot store more things due to the super simple design.

Loft bed can always be a quick fix for your space issue. Deirdre Sullivan is a feature writer who specializes in home improvement and interior design. 10+ Cool and Stylish Boys Bedroom Ideas, You Must…. However, a different view will be exposed when seeing it from the dining room. Hence it is designed to sleep one person. The space under the loft bed is used for a cozy working area.

To learn more or to order, visit LivingCube. White is one the neutral colors that can be used for any interior designs. Black and white, simple yet elegant. The combination of sleek design and pastel colors complements the design of the room very well. What’s underneath? Those 18 loft bed ideas can help you overcome your space issue as well as sprucing your room up. Anything About Inspirational Cape Cod House, Take a Look ! If you are seeking some creative ideas to tweak your room a bit using loft beds, read on to find 19 loft bed ideas to tackle your cramped room. It is a loft bed with surprisingly useful accessories.

A loft bed, however, is the perfect way to make the most out of limited floor space, creating room for a desk, sitting area, and more. Loft beds do not always about sleeping in a narrow elevated bed, they can a quite big size bed that can accommodate up to two people. But don’t worry! Contemporary models are a far cry from the clunky wooden structures you had in your dorm room. The 10 Best Espresso Machines to Buy Online. Provided you’re not intimidated by the idea of ladder climbing, a loft bed is one of the very best ways to make the most of a really, really small space.

The stairs are the cool part of this loft bed because they are not ordinary ones; they are built-in stairs.

Large, clunky, and of course, non-negotiable, a standard, low-profile bed eats up a large chunk of your square footage. Problem is solved! We also appreciate the sliding ladder that can be moved with a touch of a finger when needed. Loft beds for adults can be your best bet when it comes to limited space. Attending many classes in campus, getting an abundant of assignments, breaking up with girlfriend── What a day!

Now her cramped room has turned into her lovely basecamp in which she spends most of her time. Yes. This loft bed can be your best bet. Here's how it works -- The loft bed doubles as a room divider and storage unit, but there's no clunky ladder because the shelves also function as stairs.

You can have your own workstation without occupying more space. Watching DVDs of action or thriller movies of your choice or playing video games in your bedroom may buck you up.

Since one bedroom is occupied by many people, harnessing the height of loft bed will be such a brilliant idea. You can still use the remaining space under the stairs or in the attic.

Let’s go white! The spacious area underneath the beds can be used as a relaxing nook where you can sit on the sofa while reading your favorite books. You can store your documents in the shelves or drawers. For instance, "Urban" by The Living Cub is a mighty good looking solution that packs an almost unbelievable amount of storage room. This loft bed idea can only be implemented in a girl’s room due to the sweet pink color. Don’t worry! You can do nothing but staring at the ceiling.Now roll up your sleeves and get ready to triumph over the extreme cramped room by installing a loft bed.

It’s a great way to utilize small space, remain organized and make a room look bigger than it is because there will be space left. Well, you could do it on your bed or living room actually, but it will not be comfy at all. Your room will be more spacious, and you will still be able to organize things in your bedroom. Have you ever felt bored when you have to sleep in the same direction?