Absolutely, yes. Sodas arn't hidden calories..just empty ones. A big part of my love for Diet Coke wasn't only the taste but the carbonation. Leaf Group Ltd. I still wasn't drinking a lot of H2O—I never finished a full water bottle—but I did get through a few meals with only water to accompany my food.

Here's what happened’, Don't miss a thing, get the latest updates to fuel your conversation daily. Join the I work out a lot, and sipping plain H2O is generally the best way to stay hydrated. If I was stressed, Diet Coke. It's the garbage that's in most diet sodas that does increase cravings and have sodium, making you retain water. My appetite was out of control when I stopped. i am resigned to being a soda addict for ever :-(.

HelpGuide.org: Healthy Weight Loss & Dieting Tips, Medscape: Diet Soda Linked to Weight Gain in the Elderly, PARTNER & LICENSEE OF THE LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION. After being off Diet Coke for a month, I started to feel better. Some people's worst habit is smoking, biting their fingernails, or swearing. Sugar is one of the main contributors to weight gain. Some say that cutting out diet soda helps them eat less, but that's not as much of a guarantee of weight loss. any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. I can't say I'll never have a Diet Coke again—I think over time I may end up having one here and there so that I don't feel totally deprived. You can drop a lot of weight by just cutting out sugary soda (provided you don't replace it with something else). The cravings still came and went, but they lessened over time. I now drink strictly water and I have lost weight and kept it off. I still drink about 2-3 cans of coke zero a day and have lost weight quickly.

Diet soda is fine, I have lost well over 114 pounds and still drink soda, Coffee, Tea, Beer, whiskey, moonshine and water as well. Privacy Policy "To me, carbonation is like an orgasm for your esophagus.”.

I have had anxiety and depression issues for a good chunk of my life and the nurse practitioner I see for that recommended at least cutting down on how much soda I drink to see if getting less caffeine helps me. I made sure that I bought seltzers to carry around, and I also brought a water bottle. I drank Diet Coke at least three times a day, and it started to feel excessive. If I was hungover, definitely Diet Coke. To prevent ongoing sugar binges, I simply stopped buying the stuff. But I held strong and ordered about five seltzers from the flight attendant. I also hoped that giving up diet soda would help me drink more water. I've never really liked water. LIVESTRONG.com may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. I passed my 16-day mark this week and noticed that I was no longer yearning for my old friend DC. Here’s how I did it. I marked my calendar for November 28th, the Monday after Thanksgiving. The problem? Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the The weight is just not coming off.

It was like they were all trying to sabotage my goal. (I don't drink a lot of milk and haven't in the past few years, so I don't have the problem with getting extra fat through that. I have lost two stone since then although I have been dieting and excercising so I am not sure now much is attributed to giving up the soda. Copyright © Whenever I saw good friends, I immediately told them that I gave it up. Without soda before bed I went to sleep easier, without my stomach feeling bloated or gross from all the bubbles, and I no longer had an achy stomach in the morning either. I never once went looking in my fridge for any, nor did I even think to order one while out at dinner with friends. That mental trick worked for about as long as you'd expect, which is to say not very long at all. Now I only drink herbal teas, water, mineral water or almond milk. I had water with dinner, and in-between meals or whenever we stopped at a convenience store, I bought seltzer. I quit diet coke and coke zero at the beginning of the year as I felt that I had a bit of an "addition" to it. I thought from the soda alone I would drop a few more pounds. (When I was growing up, my parents didn't even let us drink soda in the house.) Like I said above, I over-did the health thing for awhile once I got sober, but it did result in fairly fast, but healthy weight loss. Not literally hidden, but calories from a source that you usually don't take in consideration when thinking about your total calorie consumption for the day. (Coincidence? It was getting close to Christmas, and holiday time means lots of unhealthy drinking and eating. Weight loss still requires burning more calories with physical activity than you consume through food -- so the most successful way to lose is to reduce calorie intake and get more exercise. I still lose weight. I was in a good place, but wow, did my sugar cravings kick in this week. Copyright Policy To me, carbonation is like an orgasm for your esophagus, so I figured that drinking seltzer might help make this whole thing easier. I don't think so.) I haven't drank diet soda in about a week and I disagree with the others. And recently, the relationship became very intense. A study presented at the American Diabetes Association's 2011 Scientific Sessions followed 474 people over nine years. I didn't have any diet soda this week, but it was starting to seem as if I had replaced it with a lot of wine and beer. And guess what? Research has shown that it can increase cravings for even more sweet stuff, both real and fake. If you drink a soda for every meal, that's easily 600+ calories through soda, before your actual meals of solid food. But as I was about to turn 28, my body was giving me warning signs of its own that I needed to change my habits.

It was an addiction, and it was bad. Regular soda contains crazy amounts of empty calories which undoubtedly lead to weight gain. Still, I started to have cravings. What gives? I couldn’t run shortly after getting sober, so I walked.

When you decide to quit something that has a big place in your life, it's pretty easy—at first.

Speaking from my own experience when I gave up soda & sugary fruit juices I lost 10 lbs in 2 months. I drink Coke Zero daily. I also found that I had more energy throughout the day. I had tried to quit soda before, but always came back to it after a week off. I have also heard that it can contribute to all sorts of medical conditions like artritis and multiple sclerosis. If I was tired, I'd reach for a Diet Coke. Privacy Policy and European users agree to data transfer policy. Part of it may have been mental, since I was psyched to have conquered a bad habit.

. For me, it's downing liters of Diet Coke. I did enjoy an occasional lemon-flavored seltzer, but I think that's OK. We can't be perfect, right? The only way I would start drinking anything like that again is if Mountain Dew was sold in this country. "kokonsa"   clique, By clicking again you agree to our My mom was impressed! They say it takes about 16 days to break a habit. Submit your stories now via social or: Thank you! Nina K. is a Los Angeles-based journalist who has been published by USAToday.com, Fitday.com, Healthy Living Magazine, Organic Authority and numerous other print and web publications. While these findings don't prove that quitting diet soda will cause weight loss, they do suggest that quitting could help prevent future weight gain. For me I had a "can a day" coke zero addiction (ok, I'm using the word addiction loosely). Diet soda might be calorie-free, but these artificially sweetened beverages could be linked to weight gain. That's not to say that I was a boozy mess, since I still relied heavily on seltzer. I tried to tell myself that people who drink water portray the fact that they're healthy and care about their health and that's cool, and I want to look cool. It found that subjects who drank diet soda had a 70 percent greater increase in waist size than those who drank no diet soda. I quit diet pepsi and all caffeinated drinks.

I bought some alkaline water from the grocery store, thinking any kind of gimmick might help me. This doesn't necessarily mean that you'll lose weight if you put down the bottle or can, however.

Walked 1 hour every day. I especially felt it when I was watching TV on my couch late at night, which is when I used to enjoy a Diet Coke. diagnosis or treatment. I didn't drop any weight from quitting the soda and on top of it I am a vegan and eat a pretty healthy diet. The day before my soda ban was scheduled to start, I told my family "I'm quitting Diet Coke tomorrow," and while they weren't sure I'd be able to stick with it, they were excited I was trying. I went from 225 pounds to 191 pounds. I've been drinking diet sodas for about a year and it does make a difference to weight. Diet soda might be calorie-free, but these artificially sweetened beverages could be linked to weight gain. They may be low in calories but I had read so many articles saying that they are not particularly good for you especially as they are packed with so many artificial additives. I was traveling a bunch for work this week, which happened to be a good thing. I can't remember exactly when our relationship began, but it was probably sometime in college. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse Even though it's sugar-free, it contains the artificial sweetener aspartame, which is 200 times sweeter than table sugar—how insane is that?! Some people find that cutting all soda, including diet ones, makes a difference to them as well, but I think this varies a lot from person to person. I would imagine that you were consuming many hidden calories through soda. So a few months ago, I decided to go cold turkey; I knew if I tried to wean off slowly I'd never make it.

I've been off fizzy drinks for some time and quitting it has been good and I haven't looked back since. 1. The main reason I wanted to quit my diet soda addiction is because I was pretty sure it was messing with my body. This article was written by Amy Schlinger and provided by our partners at Prevention. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM Granted, I'm not at much (if any) risk for either of those in particular, but I do have a family history of diabetes and would love to avoid that if I can. Diet soda is fine, I have lost well over 114 pounds and still drink soda, Coffee, Tea, Beer, whiskey, moonshine and water as well.