They are a place to relax, socialize, work, read or hold informal meetings. Hotels are thinking beyond simply an aesthetically pleasing design in their hotel lobby – they’re looking for function. Color schemes that are popular for hotels are often versatile and flow nicely into any adjoining rooms and that work well with the lobby’s lighting. In a mid-sized to large hotel, a lobby manager is responsible for maintaining the flow of customers that come through. 9 Basics I Expect When Staying in a Hotel. Lobbies are the first interior place where guests get acquainted with the style, ambiance, service standards, and interior design of the hotel. The hotel lobby is the heart of your hotel and often has more than one function. Commercial wall coverings can be used in almost any environment and can quickly add personality and vibrancy to a room. Who does your hotel cater to? A great lobby functions as advertising for future guests, a destination home-away-from-home, a comfortable working environment, a splendor to the eyes, and it adds value to your property. The hotel lobby is the heart of your hotel and often has more than one function.
But leave it to the management of the newly renovated … If you’re in a central city location and are regularly frequented by business travellers, create a quiet work zone with computers/laptop ports. A lobby bar creates a more personable experience for hotel guests by giving them not only a nice place to wait but also the chance to enjoy a cocktail while mingling with other guests. Texturing, on the other hand, is perfect for hiding any imperfections in your walls, and gives your room a sense of dimension. Regardless of what your check-in desk looks like, you must also ensure that the process itself is quick and simple; "All I’ve ever wanted from a hotel is that when I walk in, they hand me my room key. NB: A hotel that provides good services and surprising ‘extras’ is more likely to be talked about and reviewed in a positive way (just like I did in the example above) because it goes beyond the expected and usual standard of service. With people spending more and more time in lobbies, hotels also can’t afford to ignore the walls. Their lobbies also include large sectional sofas, table and board games, and TVs. It needs to be all things to all people with a series of experiences that operate around a 24 hour clock. This is because the lobby is the first room your guest's experience when they arrive at your hotel and, as we all know, first impressions count for a lot. This can be achieved through elements such as furniture choices, lighting design, accessories like board games, and the overall color schemes. Therefore, a positive first impression is crucial and impacts the overall guests’ perception and satisfaction.
Sales: 630-447-8065 For example, I recently stayed at the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield and was given a flute of champagne as I walked through the entrance. For example, you might want to have a waiting area near the check-in reception desk, with comfortable seating and entertainment (TVs, Magazines, etc.). The idea of a hotel lobby lounge may not be new, but what’s expected of a hotel lounge is! Different types of guests require different services/functions from your hotel lobby. Whether they’re an on-the-go professional looking for a space to plug in or a family that needs a space to sit down, guests are expecting a space that will cater to them. Get the latest products, exclusive deals and news straight to your inbox.

WifiAccess to the internet is now an expectation, and the benefits of providing free Wifi in your hotel lobby far outweigh any negatives expenses. Bottled water in hotel rooms is not always free, and – as an essential requirement for, you know, staying alive – your guests should always have access to free drinking water. Instead of hiding away their bars in other designated areas, lobbies have been livening up by adding a bar as soon as you walk in. You don’t HAVE to provide your guests with free and unlimited access to the internet (although if you can, your guests will love you for it), but basic access (capped bandwidth and/or time) allowing guests to access/update their social media profiles should be considered. For example, the Courtyard by Marriott introduced a new lobby scheme design that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere through its flexible seating, communal spaces, private media centers and an intimate lounge area. No matter how impressive your lobby looks, if there’s no seating waiting for your guests after they’ve spent a whole day travelling to get to you – that’ll be the first thing they complain about. Contact Independence Painting Co. today. In these areas, a hotel has the opportunity to express its uniqueness as a brand through its architecture, its design, and ambiance.