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A post casualty damage survey of the vessel revealed that the pressure switch used to secure the ventilation was located within the engine room. Crew of the MSC Flaminia include German, Polish and Filipino nationals. The phenomenon caused the pipe to buckle almost as soon ss the explosion began which suggests the danger still exists in other blow-out preventers currently in use. Port of Felixstowe - Weather Alert Advance Weather Warning. Says the DMAIB: ‘The cause of the fire was most likely self ignition by a chemical reaction between chlorine-containing granules and other chemical substances in a plastic box with medicine and chemical The bill of lading tracking page lets you track shipments for 51 companies. There were no injuries or environmental impact sustained due to this incident; however the potential for a less favourable outcome was present.” International P&I Issues Calcium Hypochlorite Warning, ITF Pleased On Shipper Reaction to Exploding Reefers, Exploding Reefers: The Vietnam Connection, Contaminated/Counterfeit Gas Danger to Reefers, Saving lives, saving ships, saving the environment, on Eugene Maersk: The Burning Container Question. In the case of the bulk log carrier Taokas the reality was that shipboard fire drills were of little value when a real fire occurred in the accommodation. on The Burning Question – Where’s Your Switch? Lagging and shielding in way of the Port main engine exhaust and turbo charger was not effective in preventing exposure to the hot surfaces below (The turbo charger outlet was the most likely initial ignition point), allowing fuel oil to come into contact with hot surface. Fighting the fire might have been easier if the … F���7 U�'0�d0H�z�x�x�Ȏ�� 3�o�`_�ng�{P�q����׸$/�V��*��DuU4sd�� H�&�)n/]���x-(��#�MAy�K��nЍ�)KJz'��\��2��Y gִW�;z� �n�-���du�x�fǫ@��!�XJ;zJԸ�A�X ]�m�MR��l�v ���e�wCE0���d����A���؀���"�jeT�@,��P~��K�1$1�70�c�`��0dvX�ô�-"@C���\h�u3�Ҍ���t��w>s�fa`�u��� x�Hm�l�'��B.�匚 |t�� Nobody knows precisely how a box of discarded medical and chemical residues ignited and caused a serious fire on the AHTS Maersk Champion on 12 January 2012, says a report from Denmark’s Maritime Accident Investigation Board, but the incident raised a number of notable lessons, from the discarding of waste to potential problems refilling SCBA gear. FV Denarius Fire: Crew Not Competent To See Burn Coming. Viking Dynamic (built 2002) for up to 10 days supply work and MLS the 4,248-dwt .

Photo: Lampje, MSC Ships Blog. Defini... Luke Smout Felixstowe. Falmouth Coastguard broadcast an alert to all vessels in the area and the nearest vessel which could provide assistance was the oil tanker DS Crown which immediately changed course to intercept the MSC Flaminia. h�bbd``b`~$�؁c�� q� �z ��Ľ�P�@�J� The Burning Question – Where’s Your Switch? At the time, workers from Cervan Marine, a local engineering company, were gas cutting in the cargo hold using an oxy-acetylene torch. Statoil is also paying NOK 175,000 a day to get the 3,750–dwt . Crew have abandoned the 75,590 tonne German-flagged containership MSC Flaminia following an explosion in a cargo hold. There were no other vessels in the area. Fairfield got the 4,500-dwt . Storm carnage at the Port of Brisbane. A similar fire occurred in 2006 aboard the Hyundai Fortune, possibly due to calcium hypochlorite, with secondary explosions from fireworks carried aboard.

The injured crew have been transferred to the vessel MSC Stella which will take them to the Azores. The fire in the ship’s hospital occured   while Maersk Champion was engaged in tanker lifting/heading control off the Brazilian coast.

In the case of Eugen Maersk, some damage was discovered to containers that had occurred prior to the fire. John Green, Apostleship of the Sea Director of Development says “This tragedy is a reminder of the dangers seafarers face each day to bring us various goods we rely on. equipment provided on board for this purpose proved to be of little or no use. endstream endobj startxref The blowout caused explosions and a fire on the Deepwater Horizon rig, leading to the deaths of 11 personnel onboard and serious injuries to 17 others.

Investigators are not sure whether a fire in collapsed containers aboard the 11,000 teu Eugene Maersk on 18 June 2013 was a result of friction heat during the collapse or whether there was an existing smaller fire in a container before the collapse. At 10:07 on Sunday Falmouth Coastguard received the relayed mayday broadcast from the German registered MSC Flaminia reporting that the crew on board had abandoned the vessel. True, the crew did extinguish the fire after 25 minutes but showed that some basic firefighting knowledge was lacking.

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During the firefighting efforts the crew reported that the engine room ventilation could not be secured.

Maersk Champion Fire – The Burn In The Box, Fire: BBC Baltic – Half-hearted Hot-Work Procedures. When the smoke in the wheelhouse intensified, the skipper had no hesitation in ordering his crew onto deck to make preparations for abandonment. Do you know where your fire suppression system pressure switch is? Procedures and permits are safety nets. Far Superior (built 1990) for a cargo run at £9,600 a day.

Asks the US Coast Guard in a safety alert following a vessel fire in which the engine room ventilation could not be secured because the switch was in the engine room. A few hours later  fire broke out at the site of the plastic box. Like so many seafarers, the crew on the Flaminia lived a very hard life. 2153 0 obj <>stream These critical components sense the activation of the system and then electrically secures the ventilation systems operating in the protected space. Says the alert, which raises several safety issues:: “Recently onboard one of our vessels a fire occurred in the engine room space in way of the fuel oil purifier unit and port main engine.

They are certain that in both scenarios the collapse of containers was considered a major contributing factor to the fire. Says the newly release investigation report by the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB, “The crew did not have the technical competence to diagnose or rectify the fuel injection pump timing problem, and did not foresee the potential consequences of continuing to run the malfunctioning engine. Continue reading ». There were no injuries as a result of the incident and damage to the ship and its cargo was not serious. Theme images by.

They are certain that in both scenarios the collapse of containers was considered a major contributing factor to the fire. q@��L �"��l ������q���q���?�>0 �] on FV Denarius Fire: Crew Not Competent To See Burn Coming.

However, the opportunity to close the aft weathertight door, having retrieved the equipment, was missed. on Deepwater Horizon – More Tragedies In The Pipeline? The failure of the BOP directly led to the oil spill and contributed to the severity of the incident on the rig. A track-trace service.