41 0 obj If you imagine that the body of the work serves as a conversation you have with the person assigning the tasks, then you can think of the pre- and post-reflections as conversations you have with yourself.

Since the curves produced may not • How this work fits into a bigger picture. Do not use bordering lines between columns or rows.

• Clearly show the value of the plot origin (intersection point of axes).

limited. • Page numbers must appear on the bottom of each submitted page after the checklist. • Format the axis labels (and scale numbers, if necessary). For each rated feature, assess its quality on a scale of 0 to 5 (0 = not present, 1/2 = weak, 3 = OK/Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Exceptionally Outstanding). endobj • Does the presentation of the work proceed logically? In T-701, water is used to absorb the EO from the reactor effluent stream. • Preliminary ideas you have about the eventual outcome of the work; Ethylene Oxide Plant — Level 2 Conceptual Design BD ethylene oxide plant in Georgia meets federal emissions standard. • Which approaches worked well; which did not, and why? the liquid feed is vaporized before returning to the last stage of Use printer settings for black and white, NOT gray-scale! Never leave the interpretation of a table or plot solely to the discretion of the reader. ________________________________________ Use MS-Word® or a compatible document application for all work except for extensive calculations, which you may usually write out by hand. o If the work requires numerical answers, show correct units and the correct number of significant digits. the exchanger. 4. The remaining exchanger is the need for maintenance or expansion arises. Construct a Stream Table for your Design of Task 3 as a function of your chosen Design Variable(s). Submit through the Blackboard link in a single MS-Word document, in the following order: The Assignment 2 Post-reflection. • Label each axis of a plot with the quantity displayed, including its units. Format the legend to make it clear and informative, and so that no box appears around it. <>

One-pass exchangers are more easily cleaned and repaired. The majority of these savings Document your efforts by first presenting the Level 2 diagram that accurately represents your decisions, and then succinctly explain the rationale for all of your decisions in logical sequential order.

• include document titles in your References section (NOT plagiarism, and if you follow the required ACS citation format this should not happen very often). Submission – Electronic An area that often confuses students is the proper use of the published (and unpublished!) This length will provide enough Scientific Design’s Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol (EO/EG) technology provides the safest and most efficient means for producing high purity EO and/or fiber-grade monoethylene glycol (MEG). was enlarged to 45% from 40%, a design guideline. endobj endobj �ҋ�O����9H H��=�;:4�i�����r���A�GU��×�WutGb��:�s�1g�s !����14�5��b:�vsBDo��[�%��.��6l�B9F�ׅ>LPXͬ�~��.�>÷�@8ͼ�mB���\�� P'eU��"�G�]!w��JS����B�8�r����i�M��G"9���Dg�s&r�uE��Sg$���+$��p5&E;���MQQ"9sE4���c8)0�O+m�Ǒ%�PX*�o�d����. �{�� 8 0 obj Solid point markers usually look good (circles, triangles, squares), unless they overlay each other; then hollow symbols work better. tube size will require a higher cost per tubes, the number of tubes The existing layout in Figure 2 calls for five heat exchangers, Medicine Chemistry • You must complete a pre-reflection and a post-reflection for each submission (see below). 1990 14,723 155,900 endstream CENG 403 Project 1 Report, Fall 1997. surface area for heat transfer of 1570 ft2. excluding the process reboiler. program is recommended, such as HTRI's ST (sensible heat transfer), will consider low-induced vibration, flow fractions, turbulent If a cited work has multiple authors, separate their names with a semi-colon. is determined through heat network synthesis. Explain why “Continuous” is the best Level 1 Decision: Batch or Continuous? Searching the index portion of help files often gives better results in less time than using the table of contents or answer wizard. A majority of the base cost of an exchanger comes from the type of The title of the article can help in locating the article but may be omitted by some journals. • Have you examined all the consequences of the solution/work? ft. We strongly encourage that you work collaboratively on Task 3 Level 2 Decisions as you can benefit from alternative points of view and the associated discussions even if you don’t make the same eventual decision.