[79] They launch an assault on the underground tunnel system where the rest of the worms live, slaughtering them as they go and blowing up their queen with dynamite.

The entertainer L.B. [3], Jonah Hex was inspired to become a bounty hunter after murdering his first criminal, the outlaw "Mad Dog" Lucas McGill. Jonah Hex was named the 73rd greatest comic book hero of all time by IGN. Raised by his alcoholic father Woodson Hex, Jonah was a regular victim of physical abuse as a child. Briefly, Jonah meets the Legion of Super-Heroes while they are traveling in their Time Bubble. Stiletta is discovered to have been brainwashed and trained as a professional wrestler, calling herself Blonde Spitfire.

The Lord of Time sends members of the League back to the 19th Century in an absurd plot to rule the world. He is able to return the squaw and her cub to its father, and Jonah finally meets the mythical spirit people. They escape as the building explodes, and Borsten apparently dies in the blast. [35] Wyoming sheep-herders task him with taking down a legendary wolf, but he discovers a murderer instead.

His death was immediately avenged by the lawman Hank Crawford who gunned down the unarmed Barrow in cold blood. Noh-Tante sabotages Jonah's tomahawk, forcing him to cheat and end the fight with his knife.


Also available as a Resene CoolColour. They worked him constantly until one day, in 1853, when he saved their chieftain from a puma, and he was welcomed as a full-fledged member of the tribe. [10] His next reward is a robber named Terry White who betrays him after Hex finds him in the desert and nurses him back to health. His disposition towards strangers is heavily affected by the fact that most people tend to treat him like a monster.
[45] Eventually the Five Warriors rebelled against their master and assaulted the Palace of Eternity. Jonah Hex continues to act as a bounty hunter until the age of 66 in 1904, where he is married to a Native American woman named Tall Bird. Farnham approaches him to become part of a Wild West Revue show in his old age, but Hex angrily refuses to let them turn him into a sideshow. The Road Reapers are captured by a group of warriors called the Dogs of War, who press them into slave labor for an alien named S'ven Tarah. The Color Blender is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 License. This div box has shadow with color #009446.

[13] Iron Jaws dies after venturing deep into the desert to rescue Hex from dying of exposure where two outlaws had tied him up.

Jonah Hex was a legendary bounty hunter on the American western frontier in the 19th Century. The Lord of Time assembled a team known as the Five Warriors from Forever when he believed that his time machine the Eternity Brain would end all existence.
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First Appearance Returning to camp with Long Tom's corpse, he swears to Buffalo Will that if he ever sees him again he'll kill him.