In this case, you should go to Settings > Apps and it out and remove it from your phone. ● The hardware components are too old and it can cause the black/white screen issue if your Android phone has been ages. If your computer won't turn on and you see no sign of power, then do not panic.

Hence, it night be difficult for it to start. If you face this issue, you must be able to recognize as to why are you facing the issue and accordingly proceed with the solution. Step 3: Also you need to check if there is any signs of short circuit in the CPU. Step 3: You can also replace the power cable or AC adapter of the computer. All Rights Reserved. At such times, all other internal components will be operating but not the whole computer. ● App OS update being interrupted during installation, it can make your phone functions work abnormally. Also, you can also user Windows Boot Genius as an ultimate solution to solve this issue. This site uses cookies. Copyright © 2020 Tenorshare Co.,Ltd. Choose the reason for your issue from a menu present on the left side.

She discovered the fascinating world of Android and constantly share the most practical tips and tricks for Android users. By Courtney Linder. If all of the solutions above failed and did not help you, then you have to try Android repairing software to help you fix the black/white Android screen issue. ● Bad quality charger is also a reason that causes your Android screen to turn in black. پس از اینکه سوالی در سایت پرسیده میشود تیم پاسخگو با توجه به سوال در اولین فرصت به شما پاسخ میدهند Your screen needs to be rectified immediately so that you can use it as usual. سلام بازی metal gear solid vنسخه فیتگرل رو دانلود کردم و ویروس کش و ویندوز دیفندر اینا رو خاموش کردم سیستمم به بازی میخوره سیستم من اینه ram:4GB cpu:core2duo 2.93ghz e7500 graphic card:AMD RADEON R7 240SERISE 4GB directX:12 windows:10 2019 64BIT   بازی رو سیستم من بالا میاره ولی نصب نمیشه در حال نصب در ۴درصد گیر میکنه و اون بالا به جای نوشتن اسم فایل هایی که دارن صنب میشن مینویسه DO NOT PANIC IF IT LOOKS STUCحتی نیم ساعت وایسادم که نصب رو شاید ادامه بده ولی بازم همون طوری وایساده بود الان مشکلم همینه که به شما گفتم این ارور و گیر کردن نصب بازی لطفا کمکم کنید ترو خدا ۱۱گیگ براش اینترنت دادم دانلود کردم خواهش میکنم به من کمک کنید خیلی خیلی ممنون میشم کمکم کنید   با تشکر از تیم خیلی خوب ساپاگپ, با سلام و عرض ادب خدمت شما دوست عزیز, Now, use your Android phone for a while and check whether black/white screen problem still persists on your device. In such cases, all you need to do is follow given steps. ● If you carelessly dropped the phone, there might be damages to the internal components, which leads to the software that is difficult to work properly. ارور do not panic if it looks stuc شما اینجا هستید: خانه 1 / سوالات 2 / ارور DO NOT PANIC IF IT LOOKS STUC همه سوال ها › دسته بندی: نصب و اجرای بازی ها › ارور DO NOT PANIC IF IT LOOKS STUC Do not panic. Power related issue such as a phone that won’t turn on happen all the time to all sort of phone. If you're still stuck, well, you're just going to have to hit a repair shop. Android is The best way to do this is to press your palms firmly on either side of the glass and slide it up along the frame. Copyright © 2007-2020 Tenorshare Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. If your device is not getting power from the source, obviously it won't start. Support iOS 14. Step 1: Download Android Fix Pro software and install it on your Windows computer. A restart varies from Android devices, but basically, you still need to press and hold the Power button. If it weren’t for the Xbox red ring, it might be the best overall console to come out after the world-renowned PS2. If it's not, you should try the last method that is using third-party software. After that, press it again to turn it back on. This might help you is your computer won't turn on blue screen. You are probably reading this because your computer is showing this screen now. هیچ مشکلی نیست به راحتی از قسمت سوال بپرس سایت میتونید سوال خودتون را بپرسید . I know that Android screen suddenly turning into black and white is an annoying problem and can give you a headache. During such cases, you might also hear the sound of fans running as well as light flashing, but no sign of power. Here's How To Fix Your Water Damaged Device. If it does, move on to the next method. So the first solution you should try to fix the black/white screen error is performing a restart on your phone. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies