(Note: This photo doesn’t show the bottom-center fabric tapes, because they were added in afterward.). Access the top end of your duvet cover, and open it up. It’s not even second on the list, but it is something that needs to be done – daily in my house. We want to start with a clean slate. It’s a cool way to repurpose old car tires and a nice piece of furniture for an outdoor deck or a patio. That’s one of the perks of DIY – it makes a space better, both directly and indirectly. This particular project featured on YouTube also features cushions made of recycled parts and materials. DIY Sofa Slip Covers - the Complete Know How Step 1: Materials. A nice example is the project featured on, Speaking of pallets and how they can be used in DIY furniture projects, here’s another really cool couch design that makes use of this resource. It has a built-in counter along the back which lets you use it as a small desk or to display things on it, like planters, vases and terrariums. My bathroom storage closet is filled with sheets that don’t even fit any of our beds anymore. Anyway, check out the details and see how you too could add a new piece of furniture to your home without breaking the bank. Just take those plastic bangles that you can get from the Dollar Store (for less than a dollar each in most cases) and cover them with strips that you cut from your sheets. You have to rip the sheets into strips and then you use those strips, and a rather large crochet hook, to crochet your rag rug together. DIY Drop Cloth Couch Slipcover. First, take off the cushions and vacuum out the couch. You can easily turn an old sheet into this fun braided dog toy, which your little pooch will love. Close up the velcro strips, which in turn closes up the duvet cover opening. Step 2: Pinch and Pin the Pleats. This is a great project for beginning sewers and would be perfect if you need a quick and unique housewarming gift for someone. This seems like a cool piece for a breakfast nook or entryway. The base allows it to look lightweight and exposes the floor underneath rather than concealing like a lot of store-bought couches and sofas. Your email address will not be published. Repeat for other two or three sets of velcro strips, all the way along the top opening. If you’ve got some larger sheets that you don’t need but you do need smaller sheets, then this is the perfect project. DIY Duvet Cover: How to Easily Turn Two Flat Sheets into a Custom Duvet Cover. There’s also a really cool little shelf underneath which can be used for storage. Just cut your sheets into strips and then wrap those strips around your hangers. A slatted base completes the frame and two mattresses make this a super comfy couch. Update it by adding… Check out this simple design featured on HomeMadeModern on YouTube. If you have a baby on the way, or know someone who does, you can repurpose those old colorful sheets into this amazing crib mobile. Summer is nearly here and that means kids outside playing – which we parents generally love, right? I thoroughly hope you enjoy this fast and easy project, and that your duvet cover brings a fresh new look into your space for the upcoming season. Of course, you don’t want those plastic bags just falling out of the cabinet every time you open the door. Not only is this a great way to put those old sheets to use, it’s also a wonderful way to protect your clothing from rust and to keep your hangers functional for a much longer period of time. Of course, you’ll want to be able to easily access the duvet at any time, so velcro is the way to go with this. It’s a simple solution I wish I had known much, much earlier in life. It has a simple design with an exposed wooden frame and that gives it a Scandinavian vibe. Turn those old sheets into an adorable and very functional apron. Your little doggie will love the idea of turning an old sheet into a comfy warm bed for him. You just put pieces of your sheets inside the embroidery hoops to display them. A nice example is offered on, How To Add Character To Your Home With DIY Farmhouse Window Treatments, Optimal Heating For Your Hearth And Home – A Selection Of Top-Notch Fireplace Inserts. I took the whole fitted sheet and put around the couch pillows and stapled the excess fabric to cover the bottom of the couch. Mix and match your patterned and solid sheets to make something really gorgeous and you can even give it a nice little ruffle at the bottom. It just looks polished. When you don’t really feel like getting out of bed, you can literally take the bed with you.

Here’s a couch that would be perfect for small and right spaces. It’s so easy to turn a sheet into a tablecloth and you don’t even need to be that great at sewing. 12 Modern Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas, DIY Plaster Pineapple Bookends For Your Home, DIY Wooden Cheese Board To Beautifully Display Appetizers, Snowflake Coasters for Festive Winter Decor or Gift Idea, DIY Colorful Wooden Planters With A Geometric Shape, How To Build A Tabletop Lamp From Scrap Wood, How To Build A Side Table from A Tomato Wire Cage, Showcase 2018 Color Trends in a Simple Back Stitch Tutorial, Flamingo Door Wreath Made from a Ceiling Medallion, 50 Ways to Leave Your Old Home Decor Ideas Behind, The Best Weber Grills Will Make Summer Cooking Great – Guide and Reviews 2020, Patio Conversation Sets Can Make Your Outdoor Space More User-Friendly, DIY Duvet Cover: How to Easily Turn Two Flat Sheets into a Custom Duvet Cover, The Dressing Table Of Today – Its Evolution And Characteristics, The Stories Of 6 Garage Transformations That Inspire Us. This is a great look for a baby’s room or anywhere that you want to add a little uniqueness. Keeping your (quite nice-looking) wrong sides out, it’s time to partially sew up the top seam. Turn those old sheets – especially the great print ones – into these amazingly simple to create pajama pants. Enter the sheet. Since the couch is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any living room or lounge spaces, often even the focal point of the room, we don’t really dare to think of it as a potential DIY project.Sometimes that’s a fair strategy but there are also plenty of cases when a self-made couch would fit perfectly into the decor. You could make an expandable DIY couch or sofa yourself if you actually wanted to. Pallets, as you know, are incredibly versatile and often used in DIY furniture project so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that you can actually make a pallet couch. You can do the entire apron from one sheet or really customize it by using fabric from different sheets to give it a great old-fashioned country look. They’re not padded or upholstered and instead they match the frame. One sheet can make at least two pillow cases depending on the size that you need. If you’ve got a dresser to redo, or you just want something really different for a nursery or kid’s room, using those old sheets to redo the dresser is a wonderful idea. Making a pillow case is relatively easy and you can even dress it up a bit to create shams for your bed pillows or throw pillows for the couch. This way you’ll be able to create an industrial-style couch with a simple and pretty look. DIY Embroidered Home Sweet Home Throw Pillow, Magnificent DIY Fall Decorations Waiting To Happen, Cool Haunted House Design Ideas Begging For Your Attention, DIY Spice Shelf – A Simple Way to Expand Your Spice Shelf, DIY wall clocks – a perfect Christmas gift for someone you love, How To Build A Side Table from A Tomato Wire Cage, 12 Small Desk Ideas and Tips for Tiny Bedrooms, DIY Globe Pendant Light: A Quick and Easy Lighting Upgrade, DIY Side Table With A Wooden Slab and Hairpin Legs, 50 Ways to Leave Your Old Home Decor Ideas Behind, The Best Weber Grills Will Make Summer Cooking Great – Guide and Reviews 2020, Patio Conversation Sets Can Make Your Outdoor Space More User-Friendly, 19 Easy Ways To Build A DIY Couch Without Breaking The Bank, Here’s a couch that would be perfect for small and right spaces. Check out, Here it’s not the actual frame or overall shape and structure of the couch that stand out but the upholstery fabric with its vibrant and colorful floral pattern. It’s the Ikea Tolga single bed base and the couch was designed around it, with a low backrest and a single armrests for a modern and asymmetrical look. (Example picture below) Step Two: Take the pillow cases, cut them in…

So, now that you know there are loads of things that you can repurpose those old sheets into, let’s take a look at specific projects that you can do. Repurposed Sheet Into a Fitted Sheet; 26. That’s what makes repurposing so much fun. Carefully align the other part of the velcro on the opposite side of the opening (attach this one to the right side of the fabric as well). If you like the simplicity of Scandinavian furniture you can easily come up with a design that suits this style. It’s made out of 3/4” plywood sheets and even the cushions are handmade using foam and leather. If you have more than one dog, use a couple of sheets and make them all a handmade dog toy! You can count on HomeMadeModern to have a YouTube tutorial for this too so be sure to check it out. The fabric tape should be sandwiched between the wrong sides of the sheets; right sides are facing out. The mobile hangs from an embroidery hoop and while it does require a bit of sewing, the end result is gorgeous and so colorful – depending of course on what sheets you are using. Whether you’re looking for a new hammock, a crib mobile, or even a new set of curtains, we’ll take those sheets and turn them into amazing household items.

Mix and match the sheet designs and maybe even add in some lace or other material to create a stunning spring table runner that you’re going to love showing off to family and friends. , […] 30 Creative And Crafty Ways To Repurpose Old Bed Sheets […], Copyright © 2020 DIY and Craft Projects and Collections. You can either cut scraps from your sheets and give gifts a quilted look with different designs or wrap them in a larger piece of fabric and tie off with a burlap bow or ribbon. Sheet Ruffles From Old Sheets; 23. Copyright © 2008-2020 - All Rights Reserved, Two flat sheets in the same size as your duvet (example also uses queen), Five 10” strips of fabric tape, not necessarily matching (not shown). The Fitted Sheet.

This turns the duvet cover right side out, like magic. Check out the full tutorial for this on designsponge. This particular design uses a very interesting base.

This is also a pretty easy project for beginning sewers or if you just need a unique gift for someone special. Repeat this process on the other side of the top of the sheets. It definitely a DIY sort of vibe to it which is what gives it character in the first place. You can do this by simply cutting your sheet fabric and using fabric glue to hold it over a large headband. You can start by picking your mattress or couch cushions. A slatted base completes the frame and two mattresses make this a super comfy couch. You can easily turn a queen or king sized sheet into a twin sized fitted sheet. They provide a beautiful and practical finishing element to sewn pieces that will require regular laundering, as fraying will be minimized or avoided altogether. First serf the net to see some pictures of slip cover designs. That gives this loveseat a really sturdy look. Cute DIY Apron; 21. You can still use wood for the base and that will add a lovely warm touch to the design. Check out homemade-modern to see how. Those ripped or faded sheets may not be perfect for making the bed any longer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them useful. That sounds pretty crazy but, when you think about it, a tub actually has  a lot of potential and already features a good shape and size that you can work with. If you want to find out more about how you can use fabric to make your own couch look refreshingly stylish checkout, Building your own couch or sofa from scratch makes sense when you want something small that can fit in a specific space like a room corner for example.