But, suffice it to say that I found myself profoundly unhappy, not only with them, but also and especially with the Lord. The excuses for not praying or attending religious services are legion, but this bitterness against the Lord is among the most common. Yet, as I prayed about this situation, my understanding of God’s love and grace actually kept me from being fully honest in prayer.

Instead of saying “Why me Lord,” he suggested asking the Lord “what.” What will You have me do with this situation? The theology of the Psalms is one of trust and reliance on God because of the memory of his saving deeds, not merely in Israel’s history, but also in the personal experience of the individual Israelite—and by extension of you and me. This means that there are times when God graciously works in the divine complaint department. Otherwise, he would treat us better or run the universe more effectively. We bury our emotions and frustrations because true faith doesn’t have doubts or fears, and it certainly doesn’t get upset with God. Will you utterly forget me? Every now and then I have had colleagues who complain .

The biblical lament never allowed for the person to be consumed with their feelings. Finally, while it is not wrong to complain to God, it is wrong to complain about God. . Americans complain a lot. But I clung to the biblical invitation to pour out my heart to him and to come before his throne of grace with boldness (Psalm 62:8; Hebrews 4:16). It’s is a large part of their identity.

I think middle ground is where we need to be. . And not only is it in our history; it's our fundamental right to complain. So the next time something doesn’t go your way, feel free to give the Lord an eye roll and a “really Lord!” and then ask Him the “what” question.

It’s about real people. We sometimes look at these instances and think, “Well, if Moses can do it, if Job can do it, then it must be my prerogative as a Christian to voice my bitterness and complaints.” In times of trouble, the psalms of complaint bring a consolation unique in all religious poetry. 3 How many say of me, “God will not save that one.”  4 But you, LORD, are a shield around me; my glory, you keep my head high. Your email address will not be published. He enjoys spending time with the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration, Lectio Divino and praying the Holy Rosary. But with holy fear, awe and reverence, we can call on His promises to us. But faithful complaining does not impugn God …

Ed is a devout Roman Catholic who loves people, animals, nature, cooking and of course all things Catholic. How thankful I am that Scripture models and encourages such openness in prayer that we are free even to share our complaints with the Lord. Of course, the other psalms contain sentiments of soaring praise and thanksgiving, a treasury to be sure.

A Five Day Silent Retreat: Drawing Closer to God, The Church Qualifies Mary as our Consolation. The incontrovertible fact is that we are born into contingency without our having willed it. 5 My eyes have failed, looking for my God. But if we live long enough we get over it. I knew God is not really unfair and unkind, so how could I tell him how I really felt? However, there should be a marked difference between complaining about God and complaining to God. Amen. How many rise against me! What an incredible gift and privilege!

The lament follows a pattern: (1) address God, (2) describe the complaint, (3) request God’s help, and (4) express trust in God. Every now and then I have had colleagues who complain . I'm sure there are many in this room who can relate to his feeling, even if you haven't gone that far. Consider me and answer, Lord my God. We can complain to God. How often, when things are not going well, do we say to Jesus, “Lord, why?” Jesus was not immune to this feeling either. Why Believing That God Is Sovereign Makes All the Difference.

God desires our uncensored honesty, and we should pray that God defend his own causes. Psalm 5  2 Hear my words, O LORD; listen to my sighing. When I was diagnosed with cancer, the treatment was nine weeks of radiation, every day—an hour each way for travel and an hour at the place for a 60-second treatment. Ed works on Wall Street and assists at Daily Mass during his lunch hour. How much can we assimilate?

They are legion too; however, certain of them come with a quid pro quo. Yet Scripture never recorded one word of complaint from St. Joseph or Our Lady. a lot. It expresses raw feelings, emotions, and frustrations.

“So many people are turned off to God and organized, traditional religion because they are angry with God.” I know from personal experience that many people brought up in a Christian faith who have doubts are angry with the “God” they were exhorted to believe in. The lament follows a pattern: (1) address God, (2) describe the complaint, (3) request God’s help, and (4) express trust in God. He is a frequent contributor to many websites and periodicals, and blogs regularly at Ordinary Pastor, hosted by the Gospel Coalition. Psalm 32 How many are my foes, LORD! So the same God who tells us to be anxious for nothing, tells us to put our anxieties on him. I made many friends and I feel that I witnessed to Jesus’ love in a positive way. I’m not referring to those … But I did sense that there was nothing standing between God and me. Descriptions may be interrupted by repeated requests, pleading for God’s intervention–his justice and fidelity. Even the Mother of God didn’t always understand why He did what He did. If is really a very large and consequential word, linked to contingency. Jesus advised us to pray without ceasing and to seek God’s will in our lives, and everything we need will be granted to us. But his consistent negativity was exhausting. We must never lack reverence for the Lord or be intentionally disrespectful when airing our grievances to Him. The author of Psalm 13 addresses himself to God and openly describes his complaint. Next, I decided to be happy and bring that joy to patients and staff.

When a group of people begin to define themselves by a common complaint, authorities are forced to take notice. We have to deal with the real.