1 British English borrows plenty of words and phrases from American English, and vice versa, and this helps to create an even richer array of words and phrases for us to liven up our conversations and writing with. This doesn’t help us understand too much, but when we trace that Middle English word back to its Ancient Greek origin it all becomes clear: di means of, and aspros means white. This is an American word for what the British would more often call a bogey – a piece of nasal mucus. trash the place. Yes i was going to point out that I have not heard anyone here in the US say “bubbler” for water fountain. Saying “see you later” is not a commitment to meet again, it’s just a casual way to say goodbye.

Introducing: US Culture and Business Communication Skills for Indians, The US & India: Bridging the Communication Gap, American Culture Training Consultation & Options, industrial applications of fungal proteases, No public clipboards found for this slide, Common american english words used in daily life vs british english equivalents. Bicycle Below is the list of common phrases used in daily conversations with ESL images. If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account.

Those mojitos Brandy was mixing were, “The line at the post office was so long and slow, I was going, “If you don’t start taking this class seriously, you’re going to fail!”, “I started training with a synchronized swimming team.”, “Can you do me a favor and pick up dinner on the way home?”, “Well, this is it. They say that Britain and America are separated by a common language.
3. Sentences examples, 100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life English Sentences Used In Daily Life There are some stereotypes that are used in daily life, at work, at school, in the hospital and many more. -English learners that would like to learn common phrases based around everyday topics-English learners that don’t know what to say and need help taking about common subject Learning English is difficult. Be careful about  the context of usage. It turns out people have been picking their noses for boogers for a long time, as the word has been traced all the way back to 1866! You’ll hear this word used a lot in teen movies, where it became increasingly popular in the 80s and 90s along with words like excellent, radical, and totally extreme. Do not They use either percent or grade. No word is more American than cool, and the word has come a long way. Restless? A faucet is ‘a device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled’, or, you’ll know it more simply as a tap. However, it's essential to learn the right English vocabulary words, so you don't waste your time trying to memorize a huge collection