And cinnamon is so healthy. A basic non-allergic reaction to cinnamon is a local rash at the spot where cinnamon touches the skin. Cinnamon can sometimes cause a non life-threatening rash known as contact dermatitis. I'm thinking I put way more cinnamon in it compared to the store bought applesauce that she got a dc.

Although it is uncommon, some babies can be allergic to cinnamon as their developing immune systems would perceive it as a threat to the body. After eating a few a little bit later his face broke out like you described. It still looks all splotchy and red and it's been a little while now. He never had anything before, but broke out from pumpkin pancakes on Thursday and then apples with cinnamon on Saturday. I've only known one person with a cinammon allergy and it caused respiratory issues for her - not just skin. But can babies have cinnamon? Get weekly updates on baby and your body. ", Another common concern when giving cinnamon to babies is the amount which is given, since some cultures use the spice as a medicinal supplement. Same thing happened. It went away pretty fast too. I learned that the hard way :). Ranch dressing and cinnamon always turn my kids splotchy for a couple of hours. Is cinnamon just a natural skin irritant or could she be allergic? Maybe wait and see. Commenting is the best way to get involved. Cinnamon can be an irritant - it can cause superficial burns. I think he's probably fine if that's the only "symptom.". Cinnamon may not be included in the list of common food allergies experienced by babies and toddlers, but there is a big possibility that cinnamon can cause allergic reactions. Can Strawberries Cause a Toddler to Get a Rash? I got a wet paper towel to clean her off and found her skin to be bright red and splotchy.
Id stay away from it for a little then try something with it J. as an ingredient and not fresh. It's definitely possible to have a cinnamon allergy, I had a patient once who was allergic to cinnamon.

In other words she might be able to eat it, not have loose stools etc. "Cinnamon in small amounts as a spice on foods is safe, however it should not be given to babies or children to eat in the powdered form. Could be an allergy to the cinnamon oil causing contact dermatitis (rash). 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Only break out where it touches her etc. I had to call the pedi for Benadryl dosing.

It could not have been there for more than a couple minutes at most.

We set him up with the dermatologist and they did all the allergy tests on him. cinnamon rarely causes allergic reactions. The best way to treat this rash is by avoiding cinnamon and cinnamon-containing products. It's the food itself, and not the spices, that most families focus on in order to provide early nutritional benefits to kids. YES! If your baby appears lethargic and flushed in the skin, call 911 for emergency medical attention. both. My pedi said if it was just blotchy and slightly itchy, it was probably just the 'burn', but any other symptoms would indicate a slight to however severe allergy. Cinnamon Allergy in Babies. Anyone have a similar experience? plus, cinnamon is a laxative...FYI. It doesn't bother her at all, though - just a red spot around her mouth that goes away within 15 min. The first couple times Ophelia had cinnamon the skin around her mouth got all red. Help!! In the time it took me to take her upstairs to change her diaper which she also took the same time to tell me was poopy she was scratching at it some. If your daughter ate some and isn't having breating issues, I wouldn't worry too too much. One that might be only skin deep so to speak. She then came in to tell me I needed to clean her up as she had it all over her face and hands.

My DD has this with cinnamon - much more if I sprinkle it on something myself than if it is something already flavored with cinnamon.

You may notice that your baby becomes fussy, inconsolable and agitated after eating cinnamon. He had hives all throughout his body. I've only known one person with a cinammon allergy and it caused respiratory issues for her - not just skin. I'd say an allergy. rashes, inflammation, irritation, or blistering of the skin Complications: Anaphylaxis In rare cases, a cinnamon allergy may cause anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal, severe allergic reaction. She still eats it and now-a-days I don't think she gets red. ", Ilyse Schapiro, MS, RDN, in private practice in New York and Connecticut, Alicia Tucker, M.D., general pediatrician at Children’s National Hospital, Natasha Burgert, pediatrician based in Kansas City. Same thing happened with hummus last week (which he has had dozens of times). A sprinkle of spice can add flavor to purees to increase interest and entice early eaters," Burgert says. Dr. Natasha Burgert, a pediatrician based in Kansas City, tells Romper that cinnamon can basically be used with any food your baby is already eating. We were just careful to what we gave him from that point on.
I've seen this around my 2 yo daughter's mouth when I tried putting a little cinnamon in her oatmeal. In general, the allergic antibody-mediated reactions in the case of cinnamon are believed to be very rare. Diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramping may develop after the baby has ingested cinnamon. He's fine if he eats it, but if it sits on his cheeks for more than a few minutes, he breaks out into a nasty red rash. Does she have a history of sensitive skin? "Cinnamon has a long history of being used in traditional and complementary medicines for anti-inflammatory properties. The spice particles can be inhaled and cause serious lung damage. I've read that cinnamon is one of the more allergenic spices, and that it should be avoided if your child seems sensitive to lots of foods/you have a family history of food allergies. Her hands are a little red too. Once you've determined that your baby fits the age criteria to safely consume some cinnamon-y goodness, the question of exactly how to incorporate it into their diet will likely rear its fall-flavored head. So he out grew it. "Babies can eat all sorts of spices, including cinnamon, with first foods. Thanks!