It imparts a red colouring when used as a dry rub, marinade and basting sauce. It's so convenient to make this mix from pantry staples I have on hand. It’s well known for its presence in the Chinese “5 spice” and Indian “Garam Masala” blends. Chinese Five Spice can be used to add depth to curries and braises, and it can prove to be an interesting and unexpected addition to chutneys, cookies, or spice cakes. Veggie entrees and snacks can benefit from the blend’s spicy boost, too.
—Lydia Scott, Englehart, Ontario Use it in marinades and sauces before pan-frying tofu, or even sprinkled on to these Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges for a flavorful twist on a familiar side.

How To Use Chinese Five Spice. This complex blend makes for a unique and versatile staple in your pantry. The perfect example of this is a roast duck or chicken basted with the 5 spice mix, soy and caramel cooking sauce. I regularly mix up my own spice blends.

We’ll also add a pinch to vegetable stir fries, rice dishes, and even some … I have recipes of Indian and Mexican spice blends, too.

The warm and slightly spicy flavors of Chinese Five Spice make a great addition to a number of dishes! Chinese Five Spice is unique and it packs a lot of flavour, so only a touch is needed to transform a dish!

Chinese 5 spice is a must-have blend of sweet, sour and umami flavours. But my favorite is this Chinese five spice version with its strong anise flavor.

Five-spice powder (Chinese: 五香粉; pinyin: wǔxiāng fěn) is a spice mixture of five or more spices used predominantly in almost all branches of Chinese cuisines and Vietnamese cuisine.

The five flavors of the spices (sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and pungent) refers to the five traditional Chinese elements.
How To Use Chinese-Five Spice Powder Five-spice powder is a fantastic addition to savory meat dishes, and we often use it in marinades or dry-rubs for beef, duck, and pork.