Le Labo Discovery Set - An0ther 13, Bergamote 22, Rose 31, Santal 33 and The Noir 29 - .05 ounce Unisex Spray Samples 4.5 out of 5 stars 12 $53.75 $ 53 . But once a year, these rarified beauties become available to the rest of the world. I have never tried a Le Labo scent.

I’m in the US. What a great review and the pictures are amazing. With only discreet packaging and laboratory-style bottles on show, it can be easy to miss the point. However, Le Labo merely means “laboratory” only. All the three reviews sound equally tempting and I cannot tell which one I like best. Thank you for this generous draw! If you are new to Le Labo  the number of notes follow the ingredient. Of the non-city fragrances, one of my favorites is Patchouli 24. Living in Alaska the Benjoin 19 seems a natural fit. I live in the U.S. And think that Rome may make an interesting city exclusive.
Adobe churches filled with incense, maybe some crisp fall air……oh I need a vacation! I have been cheating on it with Le Labo’s Thé Noir 29. Thanks for the draw. It also has cedat which helps prevent the fragrance from becoming too heavy as a result of benzoin. Thank you! I love this line, specially their rose fragrance. I lived in London for many years, and Poivre 23, a rich, aromatic oriental, captures some of my old home town’s splendid contradictions. Le Labo Another 13 eau de parfum, €148Another 13 is the result of a collaboration between Jefferson Hack, editor-in-chief of AnOther Magazine and Le Labo. Photo by Arthur Elgort, Vogue Cover, March, 1999. I especially like the Camden Market reference. Designer accessories, luxury fabrics, exclusive beauty & gifts, Pin 12 ~ the signature scent of Menton Le Labo fragrances, the New York-based cult perfumery, is known for its collection of made-to-order fragrances available in a limited number of stores/labs around the world and is a longtime favorite of Chef Barbara Lynch. This autumn I feel I need some resinous, warm and comforting fragrance with a little nostalgic aura. Haven’t tried any of the city exclusives. Oooooh! I live in the United States. Draw closes 9/27/2016. I enjoyed reading this and learning more about these three scents. I have never tried a a Le Labo this house has been on my wishlist forever. Curious about your choice, primarily:welcome! Cedarwood gives Benjoin 19 backbone and balance in the middle stages and keeps the benzoin and amber from careening into heaviness. During the development process, Bergamot 22 was given a nickname “fire perfume” and as soon as it smelled the pungent aroma at the beginning, you will understand why it has such a name. In my opinion, a wonderful city that should have its own Le Labo fragrance is Dubrovnik. Benjoin 19 is a very cozy scent, and work safe, so I would really enjoy more of it:).

In the USA.

to help give you the best experience we can. I always planned to find it if I ever got a chance to visit Russia.

All focus on the wonderful rose flower of the perfume industry. Frank is an aficionado of scents.

It grabs you by the hand and takes you for a stroll in the woods of Hampstead Heath, where it picks up some aged oak and bonfire smoke. I love many fragrances realized by LeLabo specially those built around oud, patch and vetiver. The two fragrances above radiate throughout, blending with it is the rustic scent, spicy steam of pine wood, slightly sweet, fragrant with patchouli soil, a warm sweetness of ambergris and the cool aroma of inhalation incense The fragrance of Civet over time is gradually left to leave the aroma of light and warm musk, blended with amber and a little seductive from roses. I purchased samples of 6 City Exclusives from Le Labo a few days ago.

My choice for the draw would be Benjoin 19. My pick would be Vanille 44.

Good to know they are available at every location at the moment. I own and LOVE a bottle of 24 Patchouli. I think Italy needs representation, Rome or Milan. Your email address will not be published. A new city-Doublin.