That I was using Linux on my MBP - theyve tinkered with OSes a little bit so they know what Gnome looks like - and proceeded to freak out.

Just simulate the smuggest estate agent you can think of. Thats a great inventive to turn. Will this be useful for. Sentence Examples. The best little site that helps you understand word usage with examples. 11.they applied to other medical institutions for Assistance. : 2: He called and called but no one came to his assistance.

37.since 1976 he has been operating the shop with the Assistance of volunteers. : 3: You should never deny assistance to those who need it. Use assistance in a sentence. So, we make a mistake in using them correctly in different sentences. It also implies aid or supports someone in any task or job. No other approach to error handling is less. : 4: My name is Li Ming, a college student of Peking University, and I am writing in the hope of your assistance to find a needy child for whom I may provide financial support. Groups that meet where you live? Assistance programs available through the department of economic security and its community programs increase food security and reduce hunger by providing children and low-income individuals with access to nutritious food. Use preparing in a sentence. Howie, out of character, had penned his intentions and with legal assistance referred by Merrill Cooms, she and Molly are financially set for life.

25.ben suffered a heart attack and helen rushed to his Assistance. The New Yorker would have had. Use maintaining in a sentence.

14.the message was "slow down" and the "Assistance" was that i was finally able to sleep normally again after about a month of quasi-insomnia. With the memorandum complete, the facility would set aside $37 billion for Spain "at the start of the financial assistance, which can be used in case of urgent unexpected financing needs," ministers said. He achieved his circumnavigation without any electronic navigation aids or the assistance of modern satellite communication technology.

286716 His assistant polished his shoes. Use assistance in a sentence. CK 1533747 I need an assistant who speaks Korean. Sentence Examples Exercise of power to grant writ of assistance rests in sound discretion of court, and the power will never be exercised in a case of doubt.

7.she can still come downstairs with Assistance but she's very weak. Let’s see two examples of “assistance” and “assistants” before starting.

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